Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Cookies

I got some cookie orders for Easter, I am very excited, I love to decorate cookies. I baked on Monday night, the smoke alarm when on around 10 pm and I was running around with a towel cleaning the air. Very interesting. Mean while Cami was sleeping and I was praying for her not to wake up. Well, I baked 60 cookies, I used big cutters and small cutters , I wanted to get different sizes because when I wrap them up together they look so cute. I started to decorating yesterday night ( yes, I only work at night since diapers and dog don't mix with baking). I went to bed at 12 midnight and got up at 5 am to finish them off but I couldn't much work. That's a task I have for tonight. Mean while here are some pics of the process.

Just getting the icing ready with all the colors I needed took me like an hour .
First layer of icing. The best part is still to come


The Cooking Photographer said...

So beautiful! I love your work. These are just the sweetest cookies.

Indigo Wings said...

Hey Meliss-
I'm glad you liked the card. Don't worry, there is definetly a glittered cupcake of your own in your future! Your cookies look delicious! You really have to teach me to decorate cookies that way! I'm baking cookies today, from a box of course--have a good day I'll give you a call tomorrow afternnon. Tina

Red30 said...

Wow those looks great!!!

Do you have a royal icing recipe that you use or do you just mix the ingredents until you get the right consistency, look and taste?

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