Thursday, October 23, 2014

Silly Ghost, Black cat and Coffin -Halloween Cookies

For this month’s cookie tutorial for The Cookie Cutter Company Cami and I we decided to make some fun and silly Halloween cookies. Halloween is one of my favorite day to have fun, be silly and celebrate and now that my oldest girl is in to helping mommy with everything I drag her along to decorate these cookies.
I love detail oriented cookies, but  don’t we also love the simple cookies?  the ones that don’t require too many colors and steps!  Black and white icing, Halloween sugar pearls and a little black sugar is all you need to decorate these cookies.
Supplies you will need
Icing bags
Black sanding sugar
Unused tooth brush

Silly speckled ghost cookie

Outline and flood  your cookies with white royal icing. Let the cookie set for a few minutes and then outline and flood the black boots.
Let the cookies dry overnight.
Using an UNUSED tooth brush, dip the bristles in flooding consistency black icing and then run your fingers through the bristles to create a light speckling of black color.

Add eyes, mouth, red tongue or any other detail you might want.
Halloween Cat Cookie

Outline and flood the cat cookie with black icing.

Let the cookies dry overnight.
Outline the cookies again and sprinkle them with black sanding sugar. Can you tell that sprinkling sanding sugar could be one of my daughter’s favorite decorating techniques.

Black coffin cookie

Outline and flood the cookies with black royal icing, let the cookies set overnight.

Using tip #1,   sketch the basic structure of the skeleton using a picture of the human skeleton as reference, there are plenty of templates onlione.  If you want to get more detail oriented, a kopykake will be the best option, I was looking for the easiest way, you know sometimes I am lazy like that.

I started drawing the ribs section and from there I moved to the limbs and head.

Once the skeleton has been drawn, outline the coffin with black icing. Attach the Halloween sugar pearls in your desire pattern.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Whole Wheat Honey Cake for The Cake Slice Bakers

Well, we finally are baking the last cake from this book
I have to say that when I first started baking from it I was kind of excited to try the new recipes, but as time when by I was disappointed. I just found the recipes kind of boring, but who
 I am to review a book written by Carole Walter ?
 there is something about the lack of pictures in the book that didn't make it interesting for me.
But any way, for my last cake I choose to bake a Whole Wheat Honey Cake ( page 132) which I baked in a loaf pan instead of a fluted ring pan as suggested on the book. I did half of the recipe since I didn't want a big cake.
This cake has a pleasant earthy flavor and a slightly denser texture, it is not too sweet
 making it good for breakfast or snack.   



I am very excited about the new book we will be baking from because these recipes look delicious.
  Plus the book is so colorful and full of pictures that really inspire me to bake!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Power Ranger Cake

Bright and bold Power Ranger Cake for a little boy and little girl party!

Super simple and easy to make, I even had the time to take some pictures along the way so you could see a little process while making the logos and mask.

Pictorial for the mask
 Gold details hand painted

Pictorial for the logos


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Friday, October 3, 2014

Carnival Theme Cake & GIVEAWAY- Cake Decorating Bakery Business Management Excel Software Spreadsheet

Today not only I have a cute cake to show you
but also a fabulous giveaway from ExpressExcel Shop on Etsy that I am sure you would love.
First let me show you this Carnival theme cake that I made to celebrate a little boy's birthday. 
 I loved how the bear sitting on the ball turned out and the pop corn on the bottom tier is actually real. I figure is was better to eat real pop corn than modeled fondant pop corn!

I used an online letter font template and my trusty kopykake to write the little boy's name on the plaque.

For cakes using bright and primary colors I always recommend buying the fondant already colored, is very time consuming color fondant and the colors do not turn out as good as they should be!

Now for the GIVEAWAY.... let me show you some screen shots of this
Whether you are a home based business, rent kitchen space or run your own bakery, this Management Excel Spreadsheet will come very handy to keep track of all your expenses. It will help you to stay organize and actually see your profit instead of guessing it.

The ExpressExcel shop on Etsy has generously giving me one
 Cake Decorating Bakery Business Management Excel Software Spreadsheet

This easy to use Microsoft Excel template makes it simple to manage your orders, cost out your recipes and figure out what to price your order at to get the profit you deserve!

- Track your Sales, Expenses, Profit, and Return on Investment (ROI%), monthly and yearly!
- Automatically calculates the cost of ingredients based on the measuring units needed for your recipes
- Keep track of your current inventory, orders, customers, ingredients, materials, and recipes!
- Track your orders by type (Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Holiday, etc.)
- Automatically generated charts to view your performance!
- View Directions boxes or Scroll over cells to easily view instructions on what data should be entered


Enter to win a Cake Decorating Bakery Business Management Excel Software Spreadsheet
 by leaving a comment on my blog.
Giveaway will remain open until Tuesday, October 7th at 12 noon CST.
 Winner will be chosen at random, announce in this post and will have 48 hours to respond.
And the Winner is :
methal alrawi said...
it will be really nice if i won it, it just gonna make my life easier! thanks for the giveaway..

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Two Peas and their Pod cake

One of my girlfriends is having twin boys!
 I couldn't be more excited and happy for her. Her sister had a Baby Shower for her a couple weeks ago and of course I had to bring the cake.

This is such a clean and simple design that I love.

The peas and the pod were very easy to make, I had taken a Craftsy class with Ann from
 Pink Cake Box where she taught how to make it. I took the design inspiration from her own design for the pod.
                              The cake was chocolate cake with oreos and cream buttercream.