Friday, January 23, 2015

Valentine's Heart Cookie Tutorial

Happy Friday! couldn't wait for this day to arrive. It's been a long week.
 Weather has been very cold around here and we are expecting more rain this weekend.

I have been working on a little project and I have been baking so much! last Wednesday I used over 10 pounds of flour!! and what can I say? I am already feeling my pants tight from all the taste tasting I am doing.

Ok, so I am not going to bore you any more and let's make these heart Valentine's cookies.

I made this cookie set for The Cookie Cutter Company.
I wanted to do some elegant cookies and using a cute silicon mold is the best and fastest way to accomplish that.
To make these cookies you will need:

-Bright white and tulip red Americolor colored royal icing

-Pastry bags and squeeze bottles

-Gold disco dust

-Mini rose silicon mold (sold at many craft stores)

-kopykake (totally optional)

-Small and medium size brush


-Small amount of fondant

 These are the little roses that came out from the mold, they were the perfect size for these cookies and turned out so cute.
Gather the supplies and let's make the roses:

Silicon molds are available in many styles and give the perfect detail for accent small areas on cookies.
Please keep in mind that these mini roses will dry a little but they are totally safe to eat, or you can just remove them and eat only the cookie ( something that I would do)
To make the roses start by kneading the fondant using a small amount of shortening. I used some white fondant that I had around mixed with tulip red gel to accomplished the pink color in the picture.
-Make small balls of fondant and press them into the mold filling the entire cavity.
-Scrape off the excess fondant with a small spatula, then, press against the edges of the cavity with your finger to make sure all the edges are clean.
-Hold the silicon mold with both hands and press in the center to release the mini roses.

-Place the mini roses on a paper towel
-Mix a little gold disco dust with vodka (I used an old container I had with gold luster dust) and using a small brush apply it to the edges of the petals.
-Set the mini fondant roses aside


-Outline and flood the cookies and let them dry completely.

-Squirt a little amount of the tulip red color on a clean small container and blended with a dab of water.
 Using a medium size brush, apply a few strokes here and there on the cookie in no particular order.
Attach the roses to the cookies with a dab of royal icing 


To make these elegant red heart cookies, follow same instructions as the white heart cookies. 
For these cookies, I added a few strokes of gold disco dust mixed with a little vodka.

Attach roses with a dab of royal icing and make a few extra details to accent the cookie. You can make lines, swirls and dots.

Adding a pearl bead border to the cookies adds an instant elegant feel so I went that way along with some scallop borders.

To make the bead border use stiff consistency icing and tip #2 or a bigger tip if you want to have a bigger size of beads.

Squeeze the decorating bag as you lift your hand raising the tip slightly so that the icing gets out

Relax pressure as you draw the tip down and bring the bead to a point. Stop squeezing and pull away the tip.

Start the next bead a little behind the end of the previous bead to form an even chain or leave some spaces in between like I did.

                                         LOVE COOKIE
I love this cutter, is pretty big and you have room to either go the traditional way and decorated similar to the “Love” Statue in Love Park in Philadelphia by sculptor Robert Indiana. 
In this pictorial you can see that I used my trusty kopykake to outline and flood the letters.
Or you can just do something totally different and do something else.
Here I used some small cookie cutters that I have and using an edible marker, I traced the letters.
Then, I outlined and flooded each letter. After the cookies were dry, I attached the fondant roses with some royal icing.

Are you traditional when decorating your Valentine's Day cookies ? what is your favorite way to use and decorate the Love cutter and the heart cookie cutters?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Elephant theme Baby Shower Cake

Super girly Baby Shower cake I made a few months ago.
Handmade sugar elephant holding a pink balloon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ivory Color Baby Shower Cake

wow!! January already!!
Happy New Year everyone!

Well is about time that I start posting some eye candy for you to see. Lots of cakes and cookies have come and gone the past few weeks.

I created this Baby Shower cake for a regular client of mine, her daughter is having a baby soon and they didn't want to find out the sex of the baby. They were having a Vintage style Baby Shower so different shades of ivory were the color they choose for the cake.

Starting from the top sits a baby carriage cake topper. A little challenging to make but I definitely was thrilled with the results.

Both cake tiers were covered in light ivory color fondant and I used a darker shade of ivory to add details and texture to the cake.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas to all

One of the best times of the year is finally here. This year it has definitely been busier for me, not much for work but with the girls at home and at school.
I can't complain, each year, as both of my girls grow, Christmas gets better and better, but having a full time job and baking part time tend to be ...a little exhausting.
Any way, as I do it every year, I baked for the school's teachers at both schools my kids attend.
 I made a lot of Christmas theme cookies, they are always a hit.
 Well, you really can't go wrong with cookies!!

I have seen these little fawns on Instagram many times and I couldn't wait to make them. They are so little and skinny and super simple to make.

I put all of my cookies in cello bags, I tie them with ribbon and they are the perfect little treat for this holiday season.

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas, full of love, good company and health for the
New Year to come!!
Thank you for your support throughout the year!
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Frozen Theme Cake

It is not a secret that Disney is squeezing the life out of the movie Frozen. For Halloween I lost count of all the Elsas that came trick or treating. Every where you go, Frozen is there, even in water bottles!!

At home I didn't scape the Frozen fever and my girls jumped in the same wagon as all the girls out there. Cami loves Elsa and Em loves Anna.

Em was actually a cute Anna for Halloween thanks to that adorable cape a blogger friend of mine made.

Any way, I made this Frozen theme cake for a little girl's birthday party. The toys were provided by my client, and I used special snowflake cutters to add more movement and details to the cake.

 Elsa look pretty sassy on top of the cake!!!

Do you have any Frozen fans at home?