Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Royal purple roses and Purple hydrangeas wedding cake with a Disney twist.

One of my favorite cakes up to date.
This is a fun wedding cake with a Disney twist. The couple love Disney and one of their favorite characters is Stitch, they wanted him on the cake.
So here is my take !


Lisa F. said...

Beautiful! The colors are gorgeous. Do you make your own flowers? Also if you don't mind me asking, what sizes are the cake tiers? Thanks, have a great day!

OvenDelights said...

Just stunning...

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Krishna Mishra said...

beautiful cake.. your efforts are appreciable

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Glenn Smith said...

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David More said...

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David More said...

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jasmin jew said...

The beautiful cake .. I am loving it :)

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David More said...

I'll gonna buy this for my wedding. LOL


David More said...

What a wonderful cake! :)

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Ma. Catherine Garcia said...

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honey said...

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