Friday, November 6, 2015

Watercolor Painted Thanksgiving Theme Cookies

Happy Friday! Can't wait for this week to be over. I haven't baked cakes in 2 weeks and I still get up at 4 AM every day and can't sleep pass that time.  This weekend I am planning on a few naps with the kids, the weather is certainly allowing some nap time and I better catch up some because next week I have a lot of cake order to fulfill.

For this month's tutorial for The Cookie Cutter Company I gave it a try painting on cookies, I am not that talented with brushes, but I actually enjoyed it and the cookies turned out cute. I loved this project, I think is a great idea to have it with kids and let their imaginations fly and paint anything they want. For sure this activity will go in my to do list for Christmas vacation.

I used a Vintage Style Thanksgiving Cookie Cutter set, this cutters might look odd to cut cookies with but don’t be intimidated by the style of the cutter at all.
I used a well chilled cookie dough, I dipped the cutters in flour before cutting the cookies and I didn't have any issues at all.


Now let's gather supplies and start painting away
Vintage Style Thanksgiving Cookie Cutter set
Americolor white royal icing
Tip #2, disposable bag and coupler
Lemon extract and a mix of small brushes
Americolor food coloring brown, mint green and yellow
Gold luster dust
Disposable containers to mix the colors

Let's beging with a  few pointers for watercolor painting on cookies:
-Most people mix the food color with water , I like to use a small amount of lemon extract and paint without being worried about destroying the cookie surface.
Cookies and water are not really like best friends and to be honest, I tried with water and the royal icing started looking funny
-Use a good mix of small brushes, they can be  flat, round, thin or thick brushes. This gives the cookie a different texture.
-Play with colors. Add a few drops of lemon extract and just one of food color to get a pastel color, mix other colors to create a blended look, add more food coloring than lemon extract and you will get a great dark color.
-Use the tip of the brush to create dots, make big or small strokes, outline the cookies with gold or silver for extra details.  The possibilities are endless and there is no way for mistakes because you pretty much can go wrong with these cookies. Meaning if I can do it, so can you!
Now let's pain and have some fun! 
Decorating the cookies:
Add a few drops of lemon extract to the disposable containers and a few drops of the colors of your choice.
Mix the colors and paint away!  Yes, that easy!
Keep some paper tower handy to clean your brush and control the intensity of the color before painting on the cookie.
Outline and flood your cookies

Make sure you let your cookies dry over night, they have to be completely dry before you paint on them. 
Acorn  Cookies
Dip your brush in the brown paint and paint the stalk and the cupule of the acorn making strokes in different directions
Then paint the nut
I love adding gold to cookies, this particular luster dust is called “Diamond Gold” and I just love it!

Turkey and Fall leaves Cookies

Here is a pictorial in the color order I painted the turkey and the Fall leaves.

Have you try painting on cookies?


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