Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Day Wish List

As any other Holiday, my husband doesn't spend Valentine's Day with me, work, work and more work. We always try to do something either the weekend before or after. I am also, one of those wives who doesn't allow the husband to spend money in flowers or chocolates (I am too fat anyway), yes, I know, boring, boring!   Don't take me wrong, I love flowers, but I rather get something little and useful than flowers.We don't exchange big gifts, a card and something little.
It turns out that all of the sudden I am a difficult person to shop for, so here are some public ideas...for him.

1-Banana Split flat cookie cutter
2-Ballet Tutu Cookie cutter
3-Kitchen Mixer Cookie Cutter
4-I could use on my cakes this Flower with scrolls mold
5-Standard Nonstick Rectangular Tart Pan

6-Herb Keeper and Mini Pie Pan Set

What do you like to get on Valentine's Day?


Trish - Sweetology101 said...

omg - what a great idea....that is the public notice of a wish list for hubby...AND the items you have! HA! Thanks for the inspiration, now I just have to get my love to understand what a "blog" is!

Avery James Photography said...

LoL Love the public wishlist idea! :) Hope you get what you're wishing for. :) :)

Canterbury Cakes said...

What a fab idea. A night out would be a real valentine treat for me :o)

LMV - Sweet Handmade said...

Kathia - what a great post. I can really relate to this, as I don't see the need for flowers or chocolates (even though I really like both). My Christmas wish list was almost identical to yours this year. My family did give me some great new mixing bowls, square cookie cutters and some silicone molds. Kitchen supplies make me very happy!

The Fancy Lady said...

i want all of those cookie cutters so cute!
i don't want any chocolate for vday either i don't need it lol as i do understand you don't need or can't use flowers i would still love them i didn't get alot of flowers from guys in my time so last year when i got a dozen long stem red roses i was thrilled lol

ps if you hear of any blogger meetups for nj bloggers would you mind sharing i don't know many other nj bloggers and i keep seeing all these wonderful meetups in other states and i feel like i'm missing out lol

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I hope your husband reads your blog :)

SweetThingsTO said...

I would like a good madeleine and mini madeleine pan :-)

Sue said...

Cookie cutters are my kind of gift! :)

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