Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dr. Seuss Cake-Thing 1 and 2

I have to say that after taking almost 2 weeks of vacation from baking it was a little hard to get into the grove again. Not because I am tired of baking, actually,does anyone gets tired of baking?

But because I have enjoyed going to bed early with the kids and sleeping in a few hours extra in the morning. By extra I mean getting up at 6:30 AM. 

This time around I have decided that baking and working on cakes or cookies in the early mornings make me more productive.I may not be more creative, but I feel like I enjoy more my time and I can get more things done.

Saying this, I want to share with you ( insert here-I know you may not care) that my new baking schedule is from 4 AM to 6:30 AM in the morning. It worked really well last week and on days that I feel a little tired I can stay up a little late after I put the kids to sleep.

Any way, now that I have declared my new schedule and have it in writing let's move into this cake. 

I love it, I have always loved colorful cakes and Dr. Seuss is a theme that never gets old.
This is a pretty standard Dr. Seuss design with Thing 1 and 2.
My client decided to celebrate her daughter's 1st birthday and her son 2 nd birthday together. 
How fun! 

 To cover the cake I used Satin Ice fondant, which I love.
 For the decorations I used Wilton fondant, which dries pretty good and it is not as hard as gumpaste.
As always, thanks for stopping by and taking a moment of your time to see my latest creations.


Jenniffer said...

This is super cute! You did a great job!!

faithy said...

I don't know how you can bake so early in the morning! I think if it is me at this time, i will be still half asleep and probably mix in the wrong ingredients or read recipe wrongly. LOL! I love your cake..so cute! I don't know how you manage all - work, young kids and caking!

Courtney Morris said...

how did you go about making Thing 1 and Thing 2?

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