Thursday, May 22, 2014

Basketball 50th Birthday Cake

The hardest part of making this cake I would have to say that it was the tennis shoe, when it comes to modeling shoes size and details are always tricky. If the shoe is too big it will look completely out of proportion on top of the cake, too little and it would look like a key chain!!
I used rice crispy treats for the inside of the tennis shoe, all the outside is covered in gumpaste  and I air brushed it to give it a little more life.

My favorite detail of this cake was the wood board looking floor.   Super easy to make, just different sizes of fondant panels placed on top of the cake and painted with brown americolor gel.
For the basketball I used a dummy round covered in orange fondant and a hand cut logo.

Let me know if you like it!


Jenniffer said...

I do like it!! Very clean work! Great job!!

Jones Morris said...

Nice post mate, keep up the great work, just shared this with my friendz greggs cakes

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