Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Christmas Gifts

Well Christmas is around the corner and I have to start getting ready with some sweet gifts for some of my friends and coworkers. I think it is important to give the ones you love a little something, it doesn't have to be an expensive gift, specially now with the economy so bad we really have to think twice before we spend the money, at least in my case. So, this year I decided to bake delicious cookies wich is something that everyone enjoy. I found this great idea at where I can make four different kinds of cookies using the same basic sugar-cookie dough, I just have to ad orange zest, use some bittersweet chocolate or ad nuts and I will have different cookies. I didn't choose the 4 options, it is a little hard to bake with a 16 month old baby hanging in your arm or pulling your leg to get some atention. I will be baking Orange Spritz, Hawaiian Snowballs and Sugar cookies, which I am going to decorate with royal icing and sugar sprinkles. And last but not least I will bake chocolate chip cookies. I already looked at my inspiration books and picked the designs, today I will leave all the ingredients out because everything needs to be at room temperature. Tomorrow I will start baking as soon as I get home from work, the dought needs to chill for 2 hours, so it is kind of a long process.


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