Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Tis the Season

I have to say that this week my oven has been quite busy. But now it is gift wrapping time.. I decided to wrap my friend's cookies in a really unique way. I found at Michael's ( I love the store and the 40 % off coupons) lovely containers and great little paper bags for my sweets,they were cheap, like $0.70 each and they are adorable. I also bought wax paper to put inside the boxes with the cookies. I had ribbon from last year Chritsmas, so I din't spend a lot of money.
Since most of my time is consumed by my baby, school and work,in the little spare time I have I love to enjoy the sweet experiments in my little kitchen. I hope you all like my pics ( well, nobody really see my blog, anyway)


Indigo Wings said...

I love your Christmas cookies -- they look so yummy. I'm sorry I missed out on tasting them the other day. I definetly
need to know how you decorated them.
I iced my cupcakes using the star tip and bag-- well, I still need some practice-- but they are looking better.
I like your new blog name too!
See you soon

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