Monday, February 16, 2009

The Best Smile Ever

After a very quite Valentines Day at home by myself, I had to get ready to work the next day. One of my coworkers will be in Italy for the next 2 weeks, which means I have to cover for her the next 2 Sundays ( yes, it is obvious that I hate to work on Sundays, but I guess at some point I will need my vacation too, so I want someone to work for me). Well, the thing is that after a long boring day at work( where I didn't have a choice and I had to study) I got this very little active surprise!! Just look below. ( by the way, daddy cut her hair) nice, we just saved $16.


Netts Nook said...

How cute it makes me miss my grandsons I love her hair. Cute little smile.

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