Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting Ready For Valentine Day

Valentine Day is coming and I am quite happy because I have some orders to make. I won't be making a lot of money, but at least practicing my skills. By this time of the month I am supposed to be studding for my upcoming test, of course I haven't done it. I have been busy baking and getting some things done around the house (still looks messy) I done even have the excuse that I am not sleeping, I guess I am starting to gain my life back ( regarding sleeping) on day at the time. Cami es finally sleeping all night, I still can believe that I put her down on her crib, read a book , say good night and that's it, well it was about time, my friend's were getting a little tired to hearing me complaining every day about the same thing over and over. Going back to my school issue I feel that I am not motivated this semester, my tests, yes, 2 of them are in two weeks, so I don't know if I am going to make it.
Going back to my valentine's backing ( some how I am not getting my thoughts were they should be) I just baked 40 chocolate cupcakes and a chocolate heart cake, it looks awful, but in the pic it was just coming out of the oven. Here are some pics of my day at my kitchen today, I know they are awful, I just don't take the time to take them nice, but I also think that if someone at some point see this blog can see that we all are the same when we bake , a little messy, but... VERY CLEAN.
Chocolate cake coming out of the oven.

Yummy dark chocolate cupcakes

Semisweet chocolate ganache cooling down

My dinner table full of packaging supplies


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