Friday, November 6, 2009

Easy Ivy Leaves

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. Here in New Jersey the weather this week has been great, I really feel that the holidays are around the corner. I already started to decorate my house with some Christmas stuff, since I don't have a lot of time I just do a little at the time. In another note...I had to make these ivy leaves for a project this weekend, since I didn't have a cutter ,I tried something different and I think they come out cute. I want to share it with you because it might help in your cake decorating projects.
A few things you are going to need:
-Fondant mat
-Rolling pin
-Green gumpaste
-Scalpel knife
-Plastic wrap
-Ball tool
-Dresden tool
You are also are going to need some pictures or templates of ivy leaves, since I didn't have any, I just googled them and printed out 3 different leaves .

-I rolled out the green gumpaste on a greased surface as thin as possible.
-I let the gumpaste dry for a little
-I put the templates on top of the gumpaste and using the scalpel knife I traced around the edge of the leaves and cut them out.

-I lay one leave on thin foam and I covered the other ones with plastic wrap ( so they don't get dry too fast).
-You can choose whether to give your leaves frilled or flat edges. I use the ball tool to smoothed the edge of the leaves.

-Since I didn't use a veining tool, I just took the Dresden tool ( from the Wilton Gumpaste kit) and draw on a few lines here and there .

Too bad the picture didn't come out good for you to see the details.

-I let the leaves dry for a while before dusting them with green luster dust.(you can use a little bid of yellow on the edges if you want, or use a different tone of green, that's up to you)


Well, I hope this works for you.
I have a question not related to this post, but I am brainstorming another giveaway.At Christmas time, do you bake sweet goodies for your friends or neighbors?
Have a nice week,


ButterYum said...

What lovely little leaves Kathia!


cookies and cups said...

great tips! using a scalpel knife is brilliant!

Sugar Siren said...

Thanks for sharing

The Cooking Photographer said...

Kathia I really like these. I will keep this in mind for later projects.

I do bake for friends, some neighbors, Jesse's employees, and family. Some years it's out of control!!

Cakedreamer said...

Lovely! I'm hoping to bake for neighbors this year...or make candy or something fun and tasty :)

The Cooking Photographer said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Hope you're busy and enjoying life over there in NJ.


Lidysan y Marcos - Los Mol said...

Hola guapa...he visto tu comentarios de que hicistes las patatas, que ilusión me ha hecho. Perdona que te escriba en español pero a mí el inglés me cuetsa un poco y viendo que hablabas español ..jejeje.
A mí si que me gusta tu blog, madre mía, das muchas ideas y con un paso a paso completo...UN LUJO¡¡aquí en España hay poquitas cosas sobre este tipo de tarta y de verdad que me tiro las horas de rato libre mirando páginas que enseñan como las tuyas, sobre todo viendo la maravilla de tartas.
Ahh me ha encantado el piolín jajajja, es superbonito...Nos veremos sin duda a menudo.
Un beso enorme

Lori R. said...

Those turned out excellent!!! probably better than a cutter. Thanks for the tuterial....
Thanks for visiting my blog, I sure do enjoy hearing from you...
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..

marissa said...

very cool thanks for sharing

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