Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Series...Day 20 Little Devils...Cupcakes

Andrea of Made with Pink

 I am very excited for today's guest blogger. Andrea is a talented baker and enjoys sharing her dessert creations on her blog, Made with Pink. One of my favorites treats on Andrea's blog is NOT Peanut Butter Cups,you can also find super cute cupcakes and other fabulous sweets.
  I would definitely recommend  you to stop by her blog.
Made with Pink Blog is an official sponsor for the first 
Cupcake Camp London .

Here is Andrea sharing this cute and easy to make

Little Devils Cupcakes

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea, and two years ago I moved to London England from British Columbia Canada. After moving to the UK I noticed some major differences between baking in the UK and North America. I started my blog - Made With Pink so I could show my friends and family back home how different things were here - everything from ingredients and oven size to the actual desserts (did you know they don't have angel food cake or pumpkin pie here!)

Cupcakes are a relatively new thing here in the UK, and have just become popular in the past year or so. They've become so popular that this Halloween will be the first Cupcake Camp London event - which I'm helping to sponsor. In order to help get everyone excited for Cupcake Camp London, and to provide a little bit of cupcake decorating inspiration I've been blogging about different cupcake decorating ideas. Since Cupcake Camp London falls on Halloween I've come up with a few cute Halloween cupcake ideas like this little devil cupcake.

To make these you'll need a few things:

Cupcakes - preferably in red liners
Red buttercream icing
Red sanding sugar - *instructions below
Red candy melts

1. Start out by covering the top of your cupcake with the red buttercream icing. It doesn't matter if the icing isn't perfectly smooth, just make sure that the icing meets the edges of the cupcake liner.

2. Now it's time to cover your frosted cupcake in the red sugar*. To do this you'll need to have your sugar in shallow bowl that's wide enough to fit the top of your cupcake in, plus a little extra. Start by holding your cupcake upside down and gently rolling it around in a circular motion, making sure to get to the edges where the icing meets the paper liner. Keep on rolling your cupcake in the sugar until the top is completely covered in red sugar and it's got a nice shape to it.

* For those of you who don't have any red sugar on hand, or don't want to use up all your expensive decorating sugars for this, you can make your own red sugar for free! I don't really like to store bought decorating sugars because the individual grains are too big to cover a cupcake with, and as a result they don't give it a very nice texture. Instead, I take some fine granulated or caster sugar, put it in a plastic zip lock back and add a few drops of liquid red food coloring. Seal up the bag, and start to smoosh the sugar around, so that the food coloring mixes with the sugar. Do this until the food coloring is entirely mixed with the sugar. If it's not dark enough, just add a bit more food coloring and repeat the same process.

3. To make the devil horns you'll need to melt some red candy melts and pour them into a disposable piping bag or a plastic zip lock bag, and snip the tip off so you've got a small opening. On a non stick surface such as a silicone baking sheet or clear plastic sheet, start creating an outline of the devil's horn (# 1 in the photo).

Next you'll need to fill it in, don't worry about getting the chocolate perfectly smooth while your doing this - just make sure there's enough to fill the horn (#2 in the photo).

Now take a tooth pick and smooth out the candy melts so the horn is completely filled and there are no empty patches. Make sure that the candy melts meet the edges of the horn.

4. Let your candy melt horns set, and very gently peel them off. Now place them into the top of your cupcakes and you're done! I think I made my horns a bit too big, but feel free to experiment with different sizes.

There you have it - you're own little devil cupcakes! Perfect for Halloween! I added some eyes and a little tail to mine as well. I hope you all can give these a try, and if you've got your own little devils at home I'm sure they'd love to help make these.


notyet100 said...

so cute

ButterYum said...

They are sooooooo cute!! Great idea to use red candy melts.


Maranda said...

LOL! Those are so adorable!

Sue said...

Very cute! Love the tail:)

~Nikki~ said...

Those are adorable. Thanks for sharing the process!

Amanda said...

You have such great taste in bloggers.. I love seeing what you will pick next!! Be blessed sweet girl!


Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

This is adorable, And so easy :D

faithy, the baker said...

so cute! thanks for the tip for coloring sugar! :D

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