Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pictures from my "amateur cake friends"

I always get questions from people asking me how I do certain details on a cake, or how I can make a specific cake. ( I am omitting the part that instead of getting questions I also get nasty emails critiquing my work, my spelling, my grammar, etc)
I always try to help as much as I can, sometimes , well most of the time, I am way too busy and I do not have time to send all the instruction for a project but I direct them the best I can.
I think it was last week that I got and email from A and F from the UK asking me for help making this Castle Cake that I made a few months ago. The first thing I asked then is if they new how to work with fondant and other cake related skills, they didn't but were going to get help from someone else.
I send them an email with a few instructions and wish them good luck

Now, this is the cake I made

And this is the cake A and F did . I think they did and amazing job, and they also send me the nicest email which I thought was really funny and wanted you all to read it.

Hi Kathia,

Do you remember us mad English women who saw your fantastic castle cake and wanted to have a go. Well we did it!! It took us 2 days but we managed to finish it yesterday. It’s obviously not as fab as yours but not too bad for a couple of amateurs who have never made a novelty cake before. Thank you soooo much for your help you are awesome!

And then M from California contacted me because she was going to celebrate a birthday party and wanted to know if I can send her some pink elephant cupcake toppers. Unfortunately, I have ship a few toppers before and they always lose a body part on their way :(  and nobody wants to see a baby Elephant missing a leg, or the trunk.I made a little picture tutorial and send it to M so she could make her own toppers.

This is my own topper

And this is the one the M did, I think they are adorable and came out really cute

 Do you like to help people when they ask about your own cakes, cookies, cupcakes or any other dessert/food related question?


My Creative Way said...

Yes, I love to help when I can. The only problem is that, I too, do not have enough time to write instructions on how to make things by the time the person needs it. I try to write tutorials on my blog but sometimes I just can't.

Sue said...

I have only gotten a few emails asking for help, but then again, I haven't done technical, difficult things like you have. Keep up the good work, Kathia, and don't pay ANY attention to nasty emails! (I can't believe that people spend the time and energy on such communication!)

Karma said...

Qué bonito quedó tu castillo y el de M. Haces un maravilloso trabajo!
Un besazo!

ButterYum said...

Oh my goodness... they did a great job!!!

I'm not very happy to hear you've gotten emails with complaints. That's not right. You're so sweet - you just keep on doing what you're doing, exactly the way you're doing it!!! Don't change a thing - we love you just the way you are!!!!!!!!


Dhanya Ganesh said...

Yes Katia,I get a lot of emails from people about the cake I make,I try to help them as much as possible.Helping somebody is such a wonderful feeling which cannot be described in words.That is why I am still teaching cake classes.You are really awesome and I feel bad people sent you bad emails about your spelling and works.Your work is so clean and proffessionaly:)

faithy, the baker said...
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faithy, the baker said...

Your castle cake is awesome! And so are your friend's cake whom you've helped out. And i have to say that you have a big heart, and so sweet and so helpful to help out when someone asked you for help. I'm really bad at teaching anything, so i don't really know how to explain about how i got it that way either..lol!..and my daughter can vouch for that. She once told me - "mom if you were to teach a class, you will just end up saying to them, print out the instructions on page xxx or read this page, and just do it..." hahahaha.. yup..i guess that would be me..so true.. I love your blog and love everything you do. Forget and ignore those people who critique your work or your grammar etc. I don't write very well either and i too have lots of grammar mistakes!

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

You are so sweet to help them out like that. If I ever need help, I know who I can turn to :)

Maranda said...

Awww! I think they both did an outstanding job!

~Nikki~ said...

That is so very sweet and generous of you to share tips of your skills with others

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