Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snowman Family Cupcakes

 Our tree is up, Cami's gifts are all wrap up and I am looking forward for my well deserve vacation week. I figure it was about time to make those cute Snowman sugar figures that I have seen everywhere.Photobucket

1-Bake your favorite cupcakes, I used red velvet
2-Use  whatever frosting you want. I had  leftover milk chocolate ganache that I needed it to use, I know, ganache and red velvet might not be the best combination.So far I haven't met anyone who doesn't like ganache or red velvet cake, so let's eat it that way this time.
3-To hold in place the Snowman's body ,I inserted a  kabob skewer, you can also use a tooth pick if you are making smaller figures.
Cupcake 1
4- To make the hat ,roll a ball of fondant and form it into a cone.
5-Using a contrasting fondant color roll out and cut a dot. I use one of my big Ateco tips to cut it.
6-Attach the small circle to the cone shape using a little water.
7-Roll a small ball of fondant for the hat's pom pom and stick it to the hat with a dab of water.
8-I added little details to the hat and pom pom with a tooth pick.
9-Attach the hat to the top of the Snowman's head with a dab of water.

Cupcake 2

10-To make the scarf, roll out a small piece of fondant and cut a long strip.
11-Using small scissors or a pairing knife cut a few slits in each end to create the fringe on the scarf.
12- Pick the scarf up and gently wrap it around the neck of the Snowman, you can use a dab of water to stick the scarf together where it meets.
13-Using orange fondant roll a small cone for the carrot nose
14-Roll out a small piece of black fondant and using the point of a #5 tip, cut out 5 circles, 2 will be for the eyes and three for the buttons. You also can skip this step and use a black food writer.
15-The Snowman's gloves are just two small pieces of fondant in a cone shape attached to the arms with a dab of water.

Cupcake 3


Mom and son

Snowman Family

Cupcake 4
Have a good weekend everyone!


Karma said...

Ooooohhh qué bonitos Kathia! con tu permiso te cojo la idea, son monísimos!

Mari said...

Preciosos!! ahora yo también tengo deseos de hacerlos, jeje. Que la pases de maravilla.

Un saludo

Kate H.( said...

Those are adorable, Kathia!

~Nikki~ said...

So cute! I love the little snowpeople family

Anonymous said...

These are so adorable!

Liana10 said...

Very sweet!!!

Maranda said...

LOL! I'm craving comfort food too momma snow! Too cute!

dearheart said...

Love them! So huggable!

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

What a sweet little snow family!

Kate said...

I love your Frosty and family Kathia. I wish you weren't clear across the country from me. I would LOVE hands-on lessons with fondant/gum paste creations. Your talent always amazes me!

scrambledhenfruit said...

Those are so cute!

cake said...

Kathia,I am in love with your site. I am learning so much from your tutorials :)

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

How did I miss these, they are so super cute!! Beautiful as always.

HoosierHomemade said...

Adorable! Thanks so much for joining us on Cupcake Tuesday!
I haven't ventured into fondant yet...I need to :-)

Rhondi said...

Very cute cupcakes!

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