Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedding Ring Cookie Favors

Happy Monday!

It is official, I do not know what's wrong with blogger but I can't post any comments in most of your blogs, this is really weird because it has been happening for the past week.
Are you having this problem too? Please, please let me know. I have been reading blogs as usual, and posting as anonymous, I have no choice!

On a more positive note...Today I have been  in the mood for chocolate, I had chocolate pudding and 2 chocolate cookies for breakfast, not the healthiest breakfast I know!  For sure I am done for the day with my chocolate intake, I do not want my little baby having a sugar rush inside of me, although I have to say that I am very happy to say that today I felt her moving,  I have felt her before but today I actually put my hands on my tummy and felt the move/kick. Totally loving my baby, I can't wait to hold her!

Oh... Cookies, yes, sorry for the mommy update: Chocolate Ring Cookies samples that I made a few months back for a Bridal Event. Simple but elegant, grey color for the ring and white for the gem with white sanding sugar.


Isa said...


Anonymous said...

Love your cookies! Congrats on the baby. So sweet. I had been having the same problem with blogger so I moved my cake blog to wordpress. I was having some other issues too and I was tired of it.

Sue said...

Kathia, Your cookies look great! I know what you mean about blogger! I have been having a variety of problems for weeks~VERY frustrating! I really want to move to wordpress soon. Good luck!
That's always so amazing when you can feel your baby move:)

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

I enjoy the mommy updates, you sound very happy, its lovely. The cookies look great. Yes blogger has been a bit frustrating lately.

Unknown said...

So sweet! Love these!!!

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