Monday, August 22, 2011

Bubble Guppies Cake

This is the Bubble Guppies cake I made for Camilla's birthday party at school.
The cake is strawberry  with kids buttercream frosting that I tinted light blue. I didn't want to use fondant because I pretty much have no energy at this point to roll fondant.
I actually made a small cake for the kids, the first tier is a dummy cake covered in light blue royal icing.

I know many of you have no idea what a Bubble Guppy is, only if you have small children I am sure you will know them by name like I do.
Well if you want to meet the Guppies, here is the link.

 I made the Bubble Guppies by hand using gumpaste for the body and fondant for the hair. I used gumpaste and a mold to make the sea stars and little shells. The sand is graham crakers.


Hours of work for the Guppies to end up in the trash!

Have a great week everyone!


Mari said...

Lovely cake! The guppies are so cute, to bad they ended in the trash. That's one thing I don't like about fondant. Hugs

ButterYum said...

Nope, I have no idea what those guppie things are, but wow are they cute!! As always, excellent job, Kathia!


Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Oh no the cute little bubble guppies in the trash is heartbreaking. It was a great looking cake, I like the way you used the two kinds of icing. The dummy layer was a fantastic idea, I was wondering how the kids were going to eat all that cake :)

Sue said...

That is so sad that they are in the trash:( I think I would just like to look at them for awhile, but at least you have the photos!
Don't know a thing about Bubble Guppies, but they're cute and you sure made a darling cake for your daughter!

Hil said...

This is the cutest cake ever! Kathia, you are so talented. Camilla is one lucky girl!

Jenniffer said...

Such a cute cake, but that last picture breaks my heart! Any time I leave a cake I always think to myself "They won't cut it, they'll just keep it as-is and display it" It's one of the few delusions I allow myself! :)

Rose Atwater said...

What is kids buttercream? Is that a specific recipe?

Sweet Tooth Desserts said...

This is so cute Kathia!! Too bad the guppies had to end up in the trash! All the hours of work we put into decoration for some of our desserts to have them end up in the trash!!! But I guess the ooooo's and aaaahhhh's at the finished product is what it's all about, right!?!?!? LOL

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Poor little guppies :( They certainly were adorable and made your cake really pop!

Cara Lee said...

thats one of the hardest parts of being a cake decorator - those hours of long hard work, to only end up on the trash lol. cute cake though! and your daughter is ADORABLE!! ;-)

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Bubble Guppies how cute. How sad for your works of art to end up in trash, but at least we got to share and see the pics. For Lilli's school cake this year we made cupcakes together and then I let her make the decorations on the top which were simple fondant corals to work in with her mermaid theme. Phew saved me so much work and she thought it was the best.

Maranda said...

So cute!! That little girl of yours is so lucky to have a mom like you!

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