Monday, August 15, 2011

Bubble Guppies Party for my little one

This is a happy 4 year old. We have been bless with her and I thank God every minute for having her.

I survived this weekend, 2 parties, two cakes, lots of party favors and food to make. We had an amazing time and Cami wanted to keep the festivities as long as today when she woke up asking for another party. For sure mommy is done for this year's parties!

The party at school had a Bubble Guppy theme. My friend Raychel of My Creative Way Blog made the super cute Bubble Guppy pillow dress for her. We had cake, juice boxes, cookies favors and lots of balloons. We had plenty of happy kids.




The cake was really fun to make, coming in a post soon.


Christina said...


Meghan @ Domestic Sugar said...

Oh my goodness, Cami is a doll! She's absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to find out what a Bubble-Guppy is... (O`__´O)?

ButterYum said...

Cami is adorable, the cake is adorable, the dress is adorable, your baby bump is adorable, your family is adorable.


Karma said...

Kathia, qué guapa está Cami, muchas felicidades para las dos, qué barriguita más mona tienes :).
La tarta es preciosa, estoy deseando ver los detalles.
Un besazo enorme!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Cami is such a cutie! No wonder she is all smiles look at her cake. Its beautiful! I cant wait for the next post.

Maranda said...

Look how cute your little pregnant self is!!! Cami is adorable! She looks so excited! Little Butt has her 5th, 6th and 7th birthday parties planned already. LOL!

Kate said...

The smile on Cami's face says it all. Love the cake! You look great too!! Hope you're feeling good! - Kate

OvenDelights said...

Two parties? WOW! So JEALOUS! I would have loved to have had a birthday party at school! Cami is very fortunate to have such an amazing mommy that makes her birthday wishes come true!

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