Friday, March 9, 2012

St Patrick's Day Cookie Set

St. Patrick's Day is next weekend, and just in time for the green celebration I thought these cookies will be the fastest and only way to celebrate here on my blog. I see all kind of treats around the web, the cutest ideas, but having so limited time this week, this is the best I can do to "feel "green. I took advantage of this St.Patrick's Day cookie cutter set, it has everything you need to make your cookies.

To make these cookies you will need the following supplies:

.St Patrick’s Day cookie cutter set: The set includes: 3" Shamrock,4.5" Leprechaun,3.5" Pot of Gold and 3.5" Irish Derby Hat
.Royal icing in black and green (flood consistency and stiff for outlining and details)
.Small Brush
.Small Rolling Pin and rolling mat
.Gold disco dust
.Green sanding sugar
.Tip #1,#2and 11
.Squeeze bottles
.Couplers and decorating bags

To make the Irish Derby Hat, start by outlining and flooding the hat with the green royal icing.
.Let the cookie dry for a couple of hours and then add the “ribbon” detail and the buckle with the stiff icing and tip #1

Making the  Pot of Gold cookie:
Outline the cookie with tip #2 and black icing, flood the cookie and let it dry for a few hours. When the cookie is completely dry, add a white line (shadow)

For the gold coins I rolled white fondant and cut the coins using a round tip #11.
I placed the coins on a piece of parchment paper and let them dry for a few minutes. I painted each coin with a mix of gold disco dust and gold luster dust. I attached them to the pot with a dab of light corn syrup

Tip: Mix the gold luster dust and gold disco dust with a little lemon extract before applying to the cookie.

Making the Shamrock cookie:
Outline and flood the cookies with green icing.After flooding the cookie pour the green sanding sugar directly onto the cookie and give them at least 30 minutes before dumping off the excess sugar.
The Leprechaun cookie is the easiest. The cutter  is a side profile cutter, I just outline the cookies with black icing
I flooded the hat and the shoe with black icing. To avoid any bleeding I let the cookies dry for a couple of hours and then I flood them with green icing. Let the cookies dry again, and add the details

Have a great weekend everyone!!

PS: This is a sponsored post by The Cookie Cutter Company


Anonymous said...

What a cute set! Love the *gold* in your pot of gold and the little leprechaun is a very cute cookie and cutter.

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial !

Tehseen hasan bajwa said...

i like the Leprechaun cookie is the easiest. The cutter is a side profile cutter, I just outline the cookies with black icing,I flooded the hat and the shoe with black icing.
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markkfinn said...

It's really looking classy. The regarding tutorial way is really looking just most promising to make the same designed cookie. It's truly looking one of special art to impress someone. Thanks for sharing.

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