Monday, March 12, 2012

Once a chick-always a chick (cake topper)


I had no clue how to name these post, all I know is that these chicks are dying to be bunnies

The weather in Central Jersey has been amazing these past few days, Spring is here.My girls and I are so excited. Spring means lots of trips to the park in my day off, Sesame Place on the weekends,ice cream and grilling almost daily and the fact that Summer will be here in no time.

I had left over cake and I got into action making these 2 little cakes, perfect for an Easter for 2, or 3 in my case. ( no, little E won't have cake yet)

To make these little cakes and toppers you will need:

.Cake and frosting of your choice.
.Green , white, yellow, black and orange fondant
.Grass tip
.Small rolling pin and rolling mat
.Round cutter ( the one I used was 4" Ateco brand)you will use them to cut the cake and also the round fondant toppers
.Black food writer to make the eyes
.2 confetti sprinkles and some egg shape sprinkles


-Roll your green fondant to 1/4"  thick and cut 2 circles using the same cutters you used to cut the cakes. Set the cut outs aside

-Cut your cake with the round cutter, put the cake on the serving plate,frost the top of the cake with your favorite frosting and place the green fondant round on the top of the cake.

-Fill the pastry bag with frosting and using the grass tip, squeeze the pastry bag pulling up and away from the little cake forming the grass.

-To make the bunnies all you have to do is to form 2 egg shapes for the body,the ears are long flat sausage shapes and the hands are 2 small oval flat shapes.
The Chick's face is a flat oval shape.
The little beak is a fondant triangle and the cheeks are pink confetti sprinkles

I did all the body parts first and then using a modeling stick, I made little holes on top of the head and side of body (to insert the ears and hands)

To put together the bunny chick, squeze a little frosting on the cake and place the body, then attach the ears,hands and feet. Sprinkle some eggs around.

-The feet are made with little thin sausages shapes. I attach them with a dab of water also.




I couldn't stop myself from showing you this picture.

Any fan plans for Spring?


Karma said...

Son muy originales esos pollitos disfrazados de conejito! me encantan!
Tus hijas están preciosas! un beso enorme!

Karina said...

Beautiful!!!! I really want to learn to bake!!!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Cute!!!! They are so adorable. Thank you for the great tutorial.

Natalie said...

This is the cutest cake topper ever!

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

This is the cutest, ever.

Sue said...

So darling! Great tutorial and photos! Love the sisterly love <3

Jenniffer said...

Great tutorial, the chicks are precious, but not as precious as your beautiful daughters!!

BertiesBakery said...

As always too cute! The details are so clean!

the decorated cookie said...

This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Katrina {In Katrina's Kitchen} said...

This is so cute it makes my sweet tooth hurt. Goodness it is adorable!!

SweetThingsTO said...

what cute bunny chicks and of course, what precious, beautiful kids! Baby E looks so healthy and such yummy cheeks :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought your little chicks trying to be bunnies were adorable... then I saw your little girls!

The little cakes are the best and your fondant tutorial is wonderful.

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