Friday, April 27, 2012

Chevron Girly Cookies

Teacher’s appreciation week is coming up and Mother’s Day is around the corner, the perfect excuse to make some girly cookies.

For these cookies I picked some of my favorite cutters over at the The Cookie Cutter Company website, make sure you check them out because they have plenty of cookie cutters designs for you to choose from.

The design of these cookies is very simple and black, red and white are one of my favorite color combinations.
I am sure you have seeing the Chevron patter in a lot of parties and sweets lately, I just think is so elegant. The Chevron pattern is a bold pattern made with a series of Vs laid out in a row, this look it's certainly one that I need to try in some of my cakes. 

To make these cookies you will need the following cookie cutters:

you will also need the following supplies:

.Royal icing in white, red and black (stiff for outlining and details and also flood consistency)

.Black ribbon for decorations ( you can also make the ribbon with icing if you prefer)
.Tip #1 and #2
.Squeeze bottles
.Couplers and decorating bags
.Wilton Silver food safe spray paint
.Paper napkins

Making the lipstick and the hair dryer (because a girl can’t leave without them right?):

Start outlining and flooding the cookies as shown in the pictures. Let the cookies set for a few minutes before flooding the rest of the lipstick cookies with the white icing. Let the cookies dry overnight if possible.  ( ups!! disregard the black lipstick, I was on testing mode)

After the cookies are completely dry, place a piece of paper tower in the middle of the lipstick cookies and using the silver spray, spray paint the bottom part of the lipstick cookies and the hair dryer. Let cookies dry.

Add detail to the cookies with black icing and tip #1.

Outline and flood cookies

Making the bag

Making the hat

Pipe two black lines using tip #1 to add detail to the hat. I attached the ribbon bow with a dot of icing (you can always make the bow using icing instead of the ribbon)

To make the slippers, after I flooded the cookie with white icing, I filled the empty spaces with black icing and tip #1. I set the cookies aside to dry and then I attached the bow.

well, what do you think? pretty easy right?
Have a great weekend everyone.


Karen - Trilogy Edibles said...

these are so fun! i actually thought from the post title you were making chevrons, these are so much nicer than I envisioned, not that you couldn't make chevrons lovely :)

Cake Fixation said...

So cute!! I just love those hair dryers!

Melissa said...

So cute! I love them. :-)

Sue said...

You did an amazing job, Kathia! I love this set!

Wyny said...

Holitas linda.

Muy bonito trabajo, seguro que les encantó.

Aquí me tienes... intentando volver a los blogs solo que ando medio loca y sin tiempo jejejeje recién he publicado una entradilla casi después de mes y medio y te invito a que la veas.

Un besito

Jenniffer said...

I think you make it LOOK easy! :) My attempts at cookies NEVER look like yours. These are precious! Those little black slippers look SO real! And I love using the dragees as the backdrop for your photos - great work (as always)! :)

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