Thursday, May 3, 2012

Please help this family!

Today I do not need your help with a cake. Today I need your attention to help this family.
On a rare occasion I have published a post that is not related to cake or cookies, but nothing could be any sweetest than the picture of this mother and her two little girls.

Kristen Tabman-Magill and her little girls
I saw Kristen's story on my Facebook page last night and having a 4 year old and a 7 month old baby and the thought of being sick and not being able to raise my little girls made me sick to my stomach.

Kristen has a massive brain tumor, at this point, the tumor has grown so large and intertwined with major arteries and blood vessels and is pushing against critical parts of the brain that it cannot be completely removed. Please go to her page and read more....

Be part of a miracle and save Kristen.

If 20 people donate $5 each, those $100 could buy 4 cans of baby formula or a trip to a playground and ice cream for those precious little girls while their mom is getting treatment.

Please share on Twitter and Facebook, if we link yummy recipes and cakes,
I am sure we can link this story and help this family.


Sue said...

This is heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing, Kathia. I will go check out her fb page.

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