Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Theme Cookies

Are you ready to hit the beach? It must be around 200 degrees here in Central Jersey, well, maybe not 200  but almost there.

We spend the weekend around the pool and the 4th of July will be a Sesame Place kind of day. I am sure it will be crowded but our kids loved that place.
The beach will not be an option. 

I am not that fond of going to the beach here in the States, let's start saying that you have to pay to get in and when you are there  there is not even a tree or a palm tree.
I am too spoil I guess, in Costa Rica, going to the beach is for free, lots of palm trees andd little places where you can put a blanket on and take a little nap. Ohh I am dreaming!, I can't wait to go back!

For this post for The Cookie Cutter Company website I wanted to do something summer related. Since my bikini days are over ( insert sad face here), I went to their site, where you can find any cutter you can think of for your summer cookie needs.
I found a cute T-shirt and swimming trunks cookie cutters to get my summer “cookie” outfit ready for the season.
Sun glasses and a hangover-free margarita are also apropiate for these hot days.

And since I know you do not wanted to spend hours in a hot kitchen decorating cookies, these ones pretty much decorate themselves, so easy!

.Royal icing the following colors;
 Americolor gels in bright white, black, deep pink and navy blue (stiff for outlining and details and also flooding consistency to fill the cookies)
.White and green sanding sugar.
.Tip #1 and #2
.Squeeze bottles
.Couplers and decorating bag
.Sugar pearls
Margarita Cookie ( hangover free)

.Using tip #2 and white icing outline and flood the stem and the cup of the margarita glass .Let dry for a few hours.
.Sprinkle some of the green sanding sugar in the cup of the margarita glass ( the cookie won’t be completely dry, so the sanding sugar will stick to it)
.To make the salted rim, pipe a white thick line of icing across the top of the glass using tip #2.
Sprinkle with white sanding sugar to make the salted rim, let it set for a few minutes and shake off any excess.

Sunglasses Cookies

.Start by outlining and flooding the inside of the sun glasses with the back icing.
.Let the black icing set for at least one hour (to avoid bleeding when you add the other color)
.Outline the sun glasses with tip #2 and fill with the squeeze bottle. Use a tooth pick to “move” the icing inside the outline to avoid any mixing of the black and white.

.Drop sugar pearls on the side.

Swimming Trunks

. Outline the cookie with tip #2 and flood it. Let the cookie dry over night.
.Once the cookie is completely dry, Use tip #1 and stiff icing to make the trunks’s details. I wanted to play a little with the cookies and I made the front and also the back of the swimming trunks. As inspiration, I used one of my little one’s swimming shorts.
.Let the cookies dry for a few hours

Rashguard T-shirt

. Start outlining and flooding the T-shirt in the color of your choice, I wanted the colors to combine with the swimming trunks.
.Let the icing set for a few minutes and come back and fill the sleeves.
.At this point let the cookie dry over night before adding details.
.I used a #1 tip to add some lines at the waist line and also some flowers and dots. I personally don’t like busy looking T-shirts, but you can certainly play with a lot of designs

The Cookie Cutter Company is working hard to get the latest cutters in the market, and now they are carrying Americolor gel paste colors, one stop for all your needs. I love to shop for my cookie cutters and gel colors all in one place,specially because I can save in shipping!

Have a safe and happy Holiday!


Eftychia said...

What a cute theme!

Anonymous said...

Cutest T's and swim trunks cookies Kathia! ~ Paula

Mari said...

Nice cookies! I will love one of these margaritas!

SweetThingsTO said...

how cute! Happy 4th of July - enjoy your day!

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