Friday, August 24, 2012

Mini Cutters-Ideas in how to use them.

Prepare yourself to show you my love for mini cookie cutters.
I love minis because I can use them to add details on cookies, to make my cakes look beautiful and also for cupcakes toppers.

For instance, this back to school rice crispy treats pops were done in no time, and I think they came out really cute. I just rolled out some red fondant, cut the mini apples with this cutter and cut out the stem and the leaves because I wanted to give them a little 3D effect. I hand cut the leave, the stem I made it with chocolate fondant. I attached the apple with red candy melts and done, I had a rice crispy treat pop to brave impress my little one's teacher at school.

A little taste of my mini cutters...
Round cutters...awesome for every ones favorites..polka dots!
Scallop cutters, heart and little cupcakes and umbrellas are always a plus!

I store my mini cutters in a clear container, but I divide them into categories and put them in plastic bags. I also label them, is easier for me to find what I am looking for this way.

So, how can you use mini cutters?

This cake pops using the mini airplane cutter would be perfect for a Baby Shower  or a little boy's party
Mini train cupcake toppers

The mini butterfly cutter was the perfect addition to this cake design.

To make this birthday balloons,I used a mini Christmas ornament and added a fondant string .

And these ideas for little girl's parties or  Baby Shower would be adorable, specially when we use pink!
and this mini elephant cutter is one of my favorites.

For this mini cupcake toppers I used the baby bottle mini cutter and the little feet cutter,I just inserted a tooth pick on them and they were ready.
These cookies can't be any easier to decorate, just outline and flood them, let them dry overnight and attach the shapes with a dab of piping gel or royal icing.

Let's go to the West!! mini cupcake toppers made with chocolate fondant and the mini cowboy boot,mini moose and mini gingerbread house as the cowboy house

Mini animal cutters can be used for Farm and Western theme parties

What about using mini ring cutters to make cupcakes for a wedding or Bridal shower.
These mini cupcakes are ready to party!

For these cupcake toppers I just rolled out white fondant, cut the ring shape with the mini cutter, used a round Ateco tip #803 to make the center hole and let the topper dry overnight.
I airbrush the rings with silver color, but you can easily used Wilton Silver Food Color Mist. For the diamonds I just added a light coat of piping gel to act as glue and covered them with white sparkling sugar. 
And since the Holidays are around the corner, here are a few ideas.

Mini Christmas oval ornament toppers, once again, you only rolled out the fondant, cut the shape and let it dry.
Embellishments for the topper can include, details with royal icing, pearl dust, adding dragees or sanding sugar.
Let your creativity flow! 

Have a wonderful weekend and have fun playing with your mini cutters!

PS: This is an sponsored post for The Cookie Cutter Company, opinions and love for mini cutters are only mine.


Cake Fixation said...

Those are the cutest mini cutters! I love the apples.

Wyny said...

Todo precioso Kathia! Por aquí estoy viendo tus novedades... como siempre todo maravilloso!
Un besito

Eftychia said...

So beautiful and a clever idea!! I will borrow your rice crispies idea and surprise my loved ones :-)

Karen - Trilogy Edibles said...

Brilliant! great ideas here, love it!

SweetThingsTO said...

oh my goodness - I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all you mini cookie cutter ideas! Amazing!

Philly Art Girl said...

I LOVE the dinosaur/butterfly cake (obviously). That combo is PERFECTION.

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