Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I went to BlogHer2012 in New York! Sponsor love!

A few weeks ago I attended BlogHer 2012 in New York  thanks to my sponsor The Cookie Cutter Company.
I can not even begging to tell you how happy I was to be able to attend the conference, to meet people and also be able to talk about cookie cutters and my sponsor.

The Cookie Cutter Company wanted me to be prepare with goody bags for my new friends, they send me 2 big, like really big boxes full of cutters and cute little spatulas to give away.
With over 600 unique high quality cookie cutters starting at $1,fast shipping and great costumer service The Cookie Cutter Company has become the "it" place to get the latest cutters in the market. They are actually expanding the business and now are selling Americolor Gels. Soon they will have more products making their site, the one place where you can get all you need to decorate your cookies for any special occasion. Please visit them and see for yourself!

Of course I needed to follow BlogHer rules for sponsorships, but having my cookie bag full of goodies I became popular very fast.
The goodies bags were flying, and I actually had to save some to make sure I had enough to last both days.

I also wanted to be prepare  and I brought cookies
Cupcake cookies!

I attached my blogcard to the cookie bags, then when someone asked for my business card I was able to get them one.
I was very popular again, well, maybe not me, but my cookies!

I hang out at the conference with Amy, my blogger friend. She is very talented, creative and crafty, check out her blog at
 Amy is super nice and patience! I made her wait for me like forever... when I was trying to get a picture with Ree. 
For first timers BlogHer can be a little very intimidating, too many people and sessions to attend. You really need to organized yourself to make the most of it.

I took pictures with Lorax...because I am 12.
I pretended to be fancy on a desk full of Martha Stewart office supplies...heaven.
I took a picture of this lady, fancy glasses and hair. She has a fashion blog
I met Natalie from Growing Up a New Jersey Wife and Mom,she is the sweetest ever and I was so happy to able to connect with her since I love reading her blog.
I ate marshmallows until I almost got into a sugar coma, kind like I didn't chew them, just swallow them

Then, I made a long line and got a picture with The Pioneer Woman, what can I say, she was as sweet as you can see her on her blog. Always with a smile on her face and willing to put up with hugs from everyone.

ahhhhh and I also met Cheryl from TidyMom. I stalked her, drag her to my table, made her have breakfast with me and gave her a taste of my Hispanic culture. In 10 minutes I told her the story of my life, my days off from work and how expensive Childcare is here in NJ. I gave her one of my cookies and I even mentioned Callye's giraffe tutorial, I wonder why!  at least I didn't choke with the bread I was eating.
Sheryl was very nice and authentic. It was a dream meeting her since I love reading  her blog , which is full of yummy recipes, useful tips and great information about pretty much everything.

Katie Curic was a keynote speaker, she looks like she was 20 and with an  incredible tan.

Martha Stewart was a keynote speaker also,the picture is awful but she rocked her orange skinny jeans and the cutest orange platforms shoes. We all received free IPad subscriptions for all her magazines.

Soledad O'Brien, Christy Turlington Burns and Malaak Compton Rock discussed "Women Influencers as Change Agents" on the Saturday afternoon session.
 These three women and their activism and charitable work is amazing.

I had so much fun at BlogHer2012 and look forward for the opportunity to attend another conference in the future.

Thank you so much to The Cookie Cutter Company for giving me this opportunity.


Amy* said...

Wow! What a great recap of BlogHer! You brought me right back girl :) I'm Google + this1

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

What an amazing experience, I can't even imagine!!! So happy for you, your cookie cards look so neat, that is just awesome! Fun re-cap!

Jenniffer said...

WOW Kathia! It looks like you had a super great time! Great recap!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you that your first conference was such a wonderful experience for you. I'm sure everyone who received one of your cookies and/or a gift from your extensive supply from The Cookie Cutter Company were delighted. In receiving those and in meeting you, especially in meeting you! ~ Paula

TheLittleKitchen said...

Very cool!! Those cookies are so cute!!

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