Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa is getting ready to take off- Reindeer Cookies

It is no secret the Christmas is one of the best seasons at all, specially when you have little kids at home. My little girls and I have been having a great time decorating our little apartment and our tree. I already told you that E's favorite part of the tree is taking down the ornaments and putting them back in really weird ways. Let's say Santa's head sometimes is up side down, if he still had his head attach to the body.

This year I decided that I was old enough to Goggle the name of Santa's reindeers. Yes, I know, shame on me!! So I made these cookies thinking on them for my friends over at The Cookie Cutter Company. 
Once again you are going to find my endless love for sanding sugar, pearls and dragees.

 Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet, Cupid,Donner,Blitzen and Rudolf.

These reindeer cookies are so easy to bake and decorate, they are also very easy to eat, like in 2 bites! and they would make the perfect little gift for coworkers, neightbors , teachers or any last minute treat. Pack them in cello bags or cookie box ,tie them with ribbon and I bet you will make someone really happy.

To make these cookies you will need the following cookie cutters, so go to the website and get them because they are flying like crazy.:

Reindeer Leaping 3"
Sleigh 3.5"


You will also need:

 .lots of sanding sugar.
.pearls and dragees
.tip 1,2 and 3
.pastry bags, couplers and squeeze bottles
.black food markers

Reindeer Cookies

Outline and flood your cookies. Let them dry overnight.
Using tip #1, pipe black hooves, nose and eyes. Please don't forget Rudolf ( not that I did that or anything)

Get you favorite sanding sugars and pearls.

Use a black food marker to draw the antlers.
To make the saddlers: add sanding sugar first and then attach the pearls and dragees using tip #1 and royal icing. 

Use black royal icing and tip #1 to pipe the reindeer's strap.

Santa Sleigh

Use a tip #3 with a flooding consistency to outline and flood the cookie,, let the cookie dry and then outline and pipe with white icing the top part of the sleigh.
When the cookie is completely dry, use tip #1 and black icing to pipe details in the sleigh.

I love sanding sugar!! so I added lots in this cookie.

Show us your Christmas cookies!!
At The Cookie Cutter Company we would love to see your creations using our cookie cutters, share your pictures with us in our Facebook page, we would love to tag you and see your creativity.


Natalie Seider said...


Sue said...

These cookies are as sweet as can be!

Anonymous said...

Cutest little herd of reindeer ever! ~ Paula

Medeja said...

How wonderful! I would be sorry to eat such beauty.

Jennifer @ Not Your Momma's Cookie said...

Super cute, Kathia!

Chineka (savorthebaking) said...

These are so adorable. I love the reindeer.

Emily said...

Oh My! These are FAB!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Gorgeous as always!! The reindeer are the cutest, love that there's a Rudolph in there.

Sue said...

Your reindeer and sleigh are beautiful! Lovely images too! Merry Christmas, friend!

SweetThingsTO said...

Wow - fabulous! I really love that sleigh! Cute!

Karma said...

Qué bonitas!! Me encantan los cortadores! Queda un conjunto precioso!
Felices fiestas Kathia para ti y toda tu familia!

Morgan Miller said...

What are some of favorite healthy snacks?
How To Make Reindeer Munchies

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