Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elephant Cake Topper-Tutorial

Back in October last year I celebrated my baby's 1st Birthday with
a chevron yellow and gray Elephant theme party.
 I made her cake, cupcakes and other yummy treats. If you want to see pictures of the party , you can see them here on Amy Atlas Blog or on Best Baby-Sites.

Any way, I made the cutest elephant topper and today I have the tutorial here just in case you want to make your own for a future party or cake order.
Elephants toppers are definitely easier to make than you think.

To make the topper you will need:

.gray gumpaste
.small brush
.1 tooth pick
.paper towel

Make the body

Roll a big piece of gray gumpaste between your hands and form a fat  tear drop shape, flatten the top a little with your fingers. 

Make the legs

To make the legs, roll out a long log shape.
Cut in half, and then cut in half again using an exacto knife.
Finish shaping the legs with your fingers until you get the details you want. 
Attach the legs to the body using gum glue or a dab of water.
At this point let the topper rest for a few minutes allowing the gumpaste to harden

To make the trunk I just rolled the gumpaste between my fingers.

Insert a tooth pick to support the head and add some stability to the topper.

Add a dab of water to the body and insert the head.
Roll the trunk back and place a piece of rolled paper towel to support it.

Make flappy hears

I used my fingers to flat the gumpaste and make the hears.
 I personally like big hears!
Use a knife to make a cut in each side of the head to insert the hears.
Use just a tiny dab of water to attached them.

I also used rolled paper towel to support the ears while they were drying
Let the elephant topper rest for a couple of days.
 Mark eyes with a fine point black food writer

I also added a hat to my telephant opper to match the party invitation.

Here are the little cupcake toppers I made, same instructions as the big topper , I just changed the position of the trunk and feet.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
I hope you all are having a great week so far.


Jennifer @ Not Your Momma's Cookie said...

Your fondant work is so awesome!

SimplySweetsbyHoneybee{Melissa} said...

Great tutorial! I wish I could sculpt with fondant like you do.

Savor The Baking said...

Great tutorial. The elephants are so cute.

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Cute!! awesome tutorial!!

Unknown said...

thannk for your wonderful tutorial i''ll follow you from Italy

Jenniffer said...

Super cute! I LOVE those cute little elephant toes!

Sue said...

I remember this cake from before, and I still love it! The little party hat on the elephant is such a sweet detail. The elephants are just too adorable! Thanks for the tutorial.

Unknown said...

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