Friday, April 12, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Cookies

Hot air balloons are so colorful and I think it must be a great experience to get a ride in one of them, I imagine myself floating over the rolling green hills and small towns. Of course, this won't be happening any time soon, I am afraid of heights, I don't even ride a roller coaster!!
Have any of you taken a hot air balloon ride? 
Any way, since I do not get to ride a balloon, I will make cookies, eat them and teach my child to eat them too!

This  Hot Air Balloon Cookie cutter will take you up, up and away!  Big in size and with plenty of space to work on many designs.

To make this cookies you will need:

Hot Air Balloon cookie cutter

Pastry bags, couplers and tip #1 and #2
Royal icing in Americolor Deep Pink and Black
Squeeze bottles

Outline the balloon and basket using tip #2 ( I used different amounts of pink in my royal icing to get a lighter color to flood the cookies and a dark color for the outlines and details)

Flood the balloon using the lighter shade of pink  Let your cookies dry overnight.

Use stiff icing consistency and tip 2 to make the small bunting. Start drawing a string that the bunting flags hang from, then outline and fill  the little flags.

Add the suspension cables on the basket.

Another option when decorating the cookies is to add details while the icing is still wet. Your imagination is the limit.

Cookie eater in training
( just for the record and to save some people time emailing me....she just tasted the cookie and didn't eat it)

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Natalie Seider said...

These cookies are delicious!

Aurora said...

Son monisimas,yo hace poco tambiƩn hice unas galletas de globo!!!

Sue said...

You did such a great job with each of the designs, Kathia. Your little cookie monster is a cutie:)

Jennifer @ Not Your Momma's Cookie said...

So beautiful!

IFeelCook said...

Nice balloons!!

Jenniffer said...

The details on your cookies always amaze me Kathia. I have tried making them and I just can't do it!! And your cookie taster is a super cutie-pie!! :)

Paloma said...

Those are so cute! Your cookie eater trainee seems to be an adorable fast learner ;) ... Great pictures! Will we see you at The Cake Slice this month? I sure hope so!

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