Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Disney Trip

We are finally back from our vacation at Walt Disney World. What can I say, it was an amazing experience and we are already thinking when are we going back. My kids when crazy, so did I and my poor husband hardly could keep up with me and my military schedule. I should have rented some type of stroller for him also.

So, I told you we were going to drive there. 19 hours. With a toddler and a very dramatic 6 year old. I was very nervous about it but I felt we were prepared and we were! I had plenty of entertainment in the car, plus a DVD player and IPads, the kids were great and they didn't have any meltdowns.

We stayed at The Caribbean Beach Hotel, it was beautiful and we enjoyed the -very- hot weather and the pools.
My oldest daughter loves Ariel, so seeing her show was a dream come true.

We had lunch inside the Castle with the Princesses. It was pretty busy but things run smoothly, the kids were busy coloring while we were waiting for the yummy food. They do not have a big menu, but we all order different options and everything was delicious.

The Princess walked around signing the autograph books and taking pictures with the kids. Snow White was just adorable, I had E dressed as Snow White but she totally refused to take a picture with her. 
Magic Kingdom wasn't as crowded as I thought, we had such a nice time
This little girl was running all over the place

Epcot was one of my favorites parks

We I enjoyed all my credit snacks from the meal plan at Karamell-K├╝che at the Germany Pavilion.

 Yes, please. I will take one of each.
 Dinner at Chef Mickey's was my favorite table meal.
 You are pretty much on Mickey and friends overload the entire meal. Tons and tons of pictures!! and lots of hugs, the baby wouldn't let them go away from her.

 Can we also say sugar overload ? the bread pudding was amazing.
 and the key lime tart....just perfect.
I wasn't too impressed by the cheesecake.

Any way, I just wanted to share with you a little of our vacation.
 Now I am fully charge for baking,back to school , holidays and fun post. 
How was your Summer? 


Hani Bacova said...

Those smiles say it all, such precious moments to be remembered for years to come.

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