Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valentine Birds Cupcake Toppers

A few weeks back I got a box of goodies from Reynolds full of some of my favorites designs of StayBrite baking cups and parchment paper.
The perfect gift for a baker like me.

I can't even imaging my baking without parchment paper?, for us cookie bakers, parchment paper is a must have in our kitchen. From lining our cookie sheets to rolling our cookie dough, not to mention minimizing the mess-toss the paper and we are done!

With Valentines's Day around the corner,I decide to put good use to the foil cupcake liners, which by the way, you don't even need a cupcake pan, put them directly in a cookie sheet, fill with batter, bake them and that's it!

Staying with the Valentine theme, sweet little Valentine Bird cupcake toppers were the perfect addition to my cupcakes.

How to make Valentine Birds cupcake toppers

You will need:

white and pink fondant
tooth picks
small paint brush\water
small rolling pin
powder sugar
black food writer
frosted cupcakes
Ateco comma cutters
small heart shape cutter
fondant mat

-Cover your mat surface with powder sugar and using the rolling pin, roll your fondant thick.
-Cut the birds
-Pull the "head" of the bird up to give it more of a shape
-Wet the tooth pick and insert it in the topper

 -Roll the pink fondant and cut the hearts
-Attach the hearts to the birds with a dab of water. ( they will be the wings)
-Using a small piece of fondant,shape a small triangle for the bird's beak. Attach it with water
-Mark the eye

 -Sprinkle the cupcakes with your favorite sprinkles

-Insert the toppers. 

There you have it, Valentine Bird Cupcake toppers


Mari Nunez said...

Kathia, they are beautiful! I would use them all year round!


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