Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Fancy Dress Cookies

Well, Mother’s Day is next Sunday  and I have to work at the office, with both of my girls! I am not a happy girl about it, but I definitely think is fair that my coworker gets the day off after she had been working on Mother's Day the past 5 years.
My husband will be working so we are going out to celebrate on Saturday. Honestly, Mother's Day should be every day, is the hardest work ever!! don't you agree?
I am not about flowers or fancy gifts, I told my husband that a good 2 hour  child free nap is all I want.
Now, let's talk cookies.

While I was getting ready to do a tutorial for my friends over at The Cookie Cutter Company sights of colorful Summer dresses came to my mind. But it turned that last week was incredible busy for me, not to much sleep and while making the royal icing for the cookies I forgot to add the Meringue Powder. Of course, didn't realize it until it was too late, enter here improvisation using my latest stencil purchase and my airbrush.

So, let’s gather the supplies, and get the inner queen in us and decorate some cookies, shall we?



White and black royal icing
Gold Airbrush paint or Wilton Gold Color Mist
Black food marker

Stencil, design of your choice (Etsy shops or craft stores)
Cookies that have been piped, flooded and completely dry


I am sure you have seeing Sugarbelle’s tutorial using magnets to hold the stencil in place. The is such a great idea, the problem is that I do not have any magnets, so I just pretty much positioned the stencil over the cookie.
Once you have done that, lightly airbrush the cookie, a thinner coat is always better reducing the chances of muddling the design when removing the stencil.


Carefully pull back the stencil and using your food marker trace the area where you are going to be adding the detail.

Adding the bead details on the dress:

Using tip 2 and black royal icing squeeze the icing and lift your hand raising the tip slightly so that icing fans out.

Relax pressure as you draw the tip down and bring the bead to a point. Stop squeezing and pull away

Start the next bead a little behind the end of the previous bead so that the fanned out end covers the tail to form an even chain


Here is the pictorial for the other cookie I made, just a little gold spray mist and the bust detail on the dress.
For the Cinderella Dress Cookie follow directions above

There you have it! Fancy Dress cookies fit for a Queen! you certainly deserve some of these.
Happy Mother's Day!! Any plans for the big day!!

I hope you all find this cookie decorating technique easy to use. Be sure to stop by The Cookie Cutter CompanyDesign Ideas where you can find and print many cookie decorating tutorials.


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