Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day Cookies and a Bake Sale

My little girl has been wanting to have a Bake Sale for a long time. I told her that a Lemonade Stand would be a better idea in the Summer, we all love a fresh glass of homemade lemonade don't we? But thinking that some weekends are really hot and often we get so busy I told her that a Bale Sale on Spring would be nicer.

I want to teach my children to be generous and help others and also to understand how bless they are to be healthy, to have food on their table and to be able to have parents who work so hard for their well being. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for many children.

We decided that the money collected from the Bake Sale would be donated to children in need and  The Hugs for Brady Foundation would be the perfect organization to donate. I personally know Brady's mom and how hard she works to get funds for the organization.

They help children battling Cancer and need all the help they can get.

We had the sale last Saturday, we made over $250 and we were so happy to be able to donate all the proceeds.

I made chocolate cake with oreos and cream buttercream, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, vanilla cupcakes and sugar cookies.

Making these teacher appreciation cookie designs were a great idea since this week is Teacher's Appreciation Week, I have to say that these cookies were flying!! and we sold them all.

  These designs we pretty simple, but so cute.

Have you had a Bake Sale?


Indigo Wings said...

Sounds like you have been busy-love the idea for a bake sale!

Emily said...

Oh my! you are creative! Very apt for the occasion!

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