Thursday, August 21, 2014

August Marbled Cake for The Cake Slice Bakers

I have been baking with The Cake Slice Bakers on and off for quite some time. I promise myself to be more consistent as this is a great opportunity to try new recipes.

At this moment we our current book is Great Cakes – Carole Walter. Each month we have a choice of four recipes to bake, which is a great idea so you do not feel that you have to bake something that you are not really in the mood for.

Any way, this month I choose to bake the Marbled Cake, this cake should really be bake in a bundt cake pan, but I didn't have mine on hand so I opted to bake the cake in an 8 inch round cake pan.

 I have always love the combination of yellow cake with chocolate cake, this particular recipe has a tender and light crumb that is perfect for your morning or afternoon coffee.
I am not a fond of very sweet tasting cakes, so instead of using a chocolate glazed to drizzle over the cake, I just dusted mine with a little bit of confectioner's sugar.
The recipe doesn't disappoint, I will sure make it again.


Emily said...

Wokey, I am sold on this recipe - will give it a go some time!! Nice to have you baking along with us again this month!

Anonymous said...

Kathia, I'm so glad to see you baking with us :) This cake looks brilliant!

Sandra Lee said...

The marbling is perfect!

The Ninja Baker said...

Beautiful marbling, Kathia. I admire how you were able to achieve the thin threads.

OvenDelights said...

It's good to see you baking with us! I'm glad the recipe went well!

ImWhisper said...

So glad you liked it Kathia!
Your cake looks quite tasty.

Diana Gale said...

Love the crumbs! Your cake turned out really nice even without a bundt pan!

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