Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Picture

I cannot emphasize enough about the importance of my family in my daily life, they are the real reason I do what I do, including getting up 4 times a night, sometimes to feed the baby ( I refuse to take her bottle away) or just to check if she is breathing ( she doesn't have any health issues, it is me that get panic). I don't get to spend a lot of time with my husband, he works a lot, but what ever time we have together we make the most out of it. For me it is not about the quantity, but the quality of our time. I love my dog Lucas, he is so crazy and it is a perfect fit for the baby, they love to play together and Camilla enjoys giving him all her snacks, it is like having to kids.My baby is the best thing that ever happen to me, I just can't imagine my life before her. My family is a constant source of joy and pleasure and a grounding force in my chaotic and very busy life. I also love all my friends and I miss the ones that are abroad, I try to talk to them as often as I can. I miss my family, my mom, brother and sister, all of them, but I know I carry them in my heart everyday.
I hope you all have a wonderful New Years, and best wishes, health,peace and lots of work for the year to came.


Indigo Wings said...

I love your family photo-- and what a pretty dress for Miss C!

The Cooking Photographer said...

You have a family photo! I found it through your little pictures on the bottom. Camilla has grown so much even in a few months.

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