Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Oven Is open For Bussiness

The beginning of my experiment. As a filling I used equal portions of Dulce de Leche and condensed milk. I know, it sound weird but it is really good.( I left the mixture in the refrigerator for 10 minutes)

Dark chocolate ganache.
Unfortunately the light wasn't the best. But at least you can have an idea of the final product. My friend loved it. I even had a piece with her at work. The cake was really good, but next time I have to make the ganache a little softer.

Happy New Year!! Here I am at the beginning of this wonderful year and I am so excited because I have so many goals and projects for this year. This month my poor little oven will be quite busy. 3 of my girlfriends have birthdays , and I am so happy to make them some nice cakes. This first one is a Chocolate cake, my friend loves chocolate so I wanted to make a VERY chocolate one.I bake the cake from scratch, of course I used sour cream, coffee and the best unsweetened cocoa I could find. Those ingredients are the key to make the chocolate cake more flavourful. I didn't use any fondant or buttercream icing since the theme was just rich chocolate.The pictures are not the best, next time I will put more lighting.


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Looks perfect to me............

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