Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cake Update

What do you do on a day where you are at the office, by yourself, with nothing to do ( or pretending there is nothing to do), cold and watching the snow outside ?
Well, find something to do. In my case I already have a lot... even if I am ignoring it. Last week I got my school books, which means the clock is ticking and I have to start reading and studding, in one of the credits that I am taking I have to do a huge project. Something that I don't want to think about for the next week .
Ok, so here are some pics that my friend send me of the inside of the cake, like I said before, I always baked and decorated the cake and never get to see the inside of it. I am really excited because I got an order for a Nascar Car Cake, which I will be baking on Saturday. March will be quite busy for my little oven, I have to bake a cake for one of my friend,s birthday, also I am brainstorming a Sesame Street Cake for a friend's twin's 1rst Birthday . It will be really challenging but I am excited.( I don't even know if the all sentence is correct). Well, back to work!!!


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