Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gumpaste Flowers

I am getting ready for a Birthday cake that I have to decorate on Friday night. Here I made some loops for a bow. Then I wanted to practice some of my unknown gumpaste skills. These are my first roses. Of course, they are not botanically correct, but I will get there (some day..maybe?). I will be taking some classes with Ruth Drennan next month. I am very excited, she is very famous for her gumpaste flowers and one of the starts of "Amazing Wedding Cakes' in We channel.

Here the roses/unknown flowers are drying. I will paint them with pearl luster dust once they are completely dry.


Steph said...

these look great! how do you do the roses?? im pretty new at this

Ratita Golosa said...

Beautiful roses, very pretty and gum paste thin and delicate. I love then. I would like to know how you make gum paste like yours.



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