Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cake Class With Cara Linn Cakes

Some how every time I upload a picture I end up uploading it backwards , I bet you can see it now! . So please understand the pics without any explanation. Well, last week was really hard for me, I have been having issues with my babysitter and I feel really uncomfortable leaving the baby with her now. Result : searching for affordable day care for my baby, regarding affordable- they don't exist- at least where I live. After some searching and bank account withdrawn I found one that I liked. Very close to my house and really nice. I still haven't figure it out how am I going to pay it ,but botton line is that Cami starts on Friday. Thank God I had scheduled a class with Cara Linn Cakes like 3 months ago ( yes 3 months), and this due to my time issues ( work, baby, cleaning, husband, baby, dog, more baby, school? that's another blog ( I quit, don't tell anyone yet). Sunday was the big day, I left the house early and got to NY around 4 pm, I wanted to have some time to walk and have some coffee , which I accomplished very well, some how I thought the class was at 6pm and I was there at 5:30, just to hear Cara telling me that I was very early. The class was so worth it, we sculpted a cake purse. The best part was that it was a real cake, I am used to work with cake dummies every time I take a class, so this one was a real treat. Cara's assistant ask us what kind of cake we wanted, I choose red velvet since I haven't tried it before...what a sin!! just delicious!!.
At the end of the class they gave us the cake in this cute little box to bring home. It was just perfect and adorable.

This was my cake, as you can see I wasn't very creative that day, but I am working on it.

Half way done!
Work in progress!!


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