Saturday, April 4, 2009

Peony Class With Ruth Drennan

Today was a very excited day for me, one more time, like last weekend I had the opportunity to go to the city and take some cake decorating class. My husband has been so sweet and has been baby sitting so I can have a little time for myself. Today was with Ruth Drennan, for those of you who doesn't know her from her TV Show Amazing Weeding Cakes, she is a great pastry chef and makes the most beautiful gumpaste flowers. I was so surprise to discover how nice she is, very helpful, very approachable and very humble, she was so open to talk with us and answer all our questions, which I am sure she gets the same all the time. We learned how to make a peony, I am not really into flowers, they look so complicated to me, but this one was very easy to make, so I think I can do it, besides if I want to have my own business one day I really should start learning more about making them. Ruth is going to start her classes pretty soon and she is signing up people already, so you can log into her website and get her info.This is a great opportunity, her classes are very affordable and with this economy is all about getting good deals.
Here is Ruth explaining us about the peonies. My petals are drying, great idea the aluminum foil .
This is my peony... just joking ( I not a fast learner) , this peony was made by Ruth..of course it is perfect!

Me and Ruth .

I didn't post my peony because it broke on my way home, but I will be making some for a cake I have for next week, so I will post some.


The Cooking Photographer said...

If I could take that class I would. I need to move.

Ashley said...

where did you take this class? and do you know if ruth ever started her classes? I'm extremely interested in cake decorating/gumpaste flowers but I work a full time job and it's hard to find night/weekend classes. would appreciate any info or advice! thanks so much!

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