Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pics from Cara Linn Cake Class

Last week I went to the city for my class with Cara Linn, I was very excited, not only for the class but also because Cara wrote a book and I wanted to buy. It is not a secret that I'm always running around and the past weeks have been very hard for me, not only with issues with the babysitter, but changing my schedule at work , looking for daycare and deciding what do I want to do regarding school. I have been feeling a little sad, with a lot of questions and up and downs .Like I said, I wanted to get Cara's book because she is a very spiritual person, and if she has something to say to the word is because it is important. Bottom line... I already read the book, love it, got my answers, and I definitely have been touch by her message. Check her website, buy her book, you will have a different view of your life.
Here is Faith, Cara's adorable assistant, me and Cara. Here is me pretending that i am working on the cake, I was not creative that day.


The Cooking Photographer said...

That looks like fun, even if you weren't feeling so inspired that day.

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