Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Time

Hi everybody! I hope you had a great long weekend. We certainly enjoyed every bit of it. My husband and I were off the same days and that is a miracle that doesn't happen often, so we decided just to have fun and relax.No cleaning, no laundry! Of course, I couldn't keep myself off cake related duties and I took some time to practice my peony flower.
Since I was feeling in a really good mood we decided to invite my husband's brothers. Repeat...I was in a really good mood!!!
This is my adorable Godson, he is 2 years old .Cook in training, hopefully he will be better cook than is uncles and dad.

My husband hanging out with his family. We got this tent at Wal-Mart, very cheap! ( tent has nothing to do with what I am saying, but I love it)

I took this picture the day before Memorial Day. We visited some old friends that were having a BBQ at their home.I didn't even go close the carrots. Chips with hummus, yummy.

Yummy sangria, I had 3 small glasses!! and I never drink, I have to say that I had my head spinning around for quite some time.

And of course, a lovely day can't pass by without an accident!!!

Cami es the only one in the family without cellulite, so I decided to embrace her legs!!

This is a board that I covered in fondant last night. I have a graduation cake order for Sunday. I am so excited because is a total different cake, compare to the ones I had made before. It is a Topsy Turby Cake, hot pink and lime green will be the colors that I am going to use. I am also making 24 cupcakes to go with it. I have never done a cake like that, so wish me luck.

This will be the cake topper. A simple monogram made with gumpaste.
I guess for now that's all girls. This weekend, on Sunday, I will be having a BBQ at my apartment. I am making some burgers, hot dogs, chicken and also a couple of side dishes that my good friend Laura suggested me.My big 35 is on Monday so I thought it will be fun to have some friends over. I am debating if I should make a little birthday cake for myself, I just don't know if it is weir. Please let me know what should I do??? Help....


ButterYum said...

Definitely make yourself a b-day cake... your friends and family will all be too intimidated by your talent to make one themselves.

The kiddos are adorable!!!!

Happy day, and happy birthday!

The Cooking Photographer said...

Hi Kathia,

What a fun weekend you had. The pictures are lovely.

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! And of course make your own cake! Really, who can do it better than you?

I always make my own birthday cakes, although they never ever turn out like yours.

Good luck on that cake, and the cupcakes. I have no doubt you will pull it all off brilliantly. You have more patients than I even understand.


The Cooking Photographer said...

Oh yeah and those peonies! I love loveeee them!

Cakedreamer said...

Great pictures! Make your own cake! Why not? You know what you like! :)

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