Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nutrition School Graduation Cake

This is my first time making a cake with a book shape. I was pretty nervous carving and putting the fondant. I didn't have red fondant so I had to color white fondant with red it took me like 45 minutes to accomplish the color. I am not really proud of the hand writing, next time I would definitely do a couple things different. The white book is Red Velvet Cake and the Red Book is chocolate cake. When I delivered the cake this morning and my client saw the cake she was speechless and very happy with my work. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was with her reaction.
First time making fruits and vegetables.

I hope you like it, let me know what you think. Thank you. Kathia


Shirley Santos-Yanga said...

Hey Kathia! How have you been? This is Shirley (classmate from Peony class). Your cakes are pretty! Hope to see you again soon :)

Cara said...

Kathia! i love all your new cakes, they are fabulous!!! thank you for your comment on my blog, i am sooo glad to hear your life has changed from the book...this is encouraging! how is your little girl???

The Cooking Photographer said...

The hours you put into that cake... Wow.

It's so cool!! I just love it.

Raychel said...

Yeah you totally out did me!!

Your's looks AMAZING!! Great job girl!!

Raychel form

Raychel said...

Hey thanks!

I really do not remember where I found the layout. All I know is that I googled Free Blog Templetes and searched and searched until I saw this one. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful!

Raychel -

Tamara Jansen said...

That turned out FANTASTIC! You are amazing :)

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