Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Made Oven Roasted Chicken Cook Somewhere Else

So, I guess this post title is kind of weir, well is a combination of my crazy busy weekend and me trying to cook. I had posted before that I have and obsession with rotisserie chicken, you know the kind you buy for $7 at the grocery store and the same kind that me and my daughter will be eating for the next 3 days, I just love it and since my husband doesn't eat at home I don't have to worry about eating the same thing over and over. As you know, I am not a good cook, I don't know how to combine spices with certain foods or come up with ideas to make my own recipe, that is just mission impossible for me. Well, it turns out that Patricia, from Butter Yum was kind enough to send me a link with her own style for oven roasted chicken, I really appreciate getting the link directly from her, even easier for me. Hoping that her recipe was going to be easy for me I just decided to be adventurous and when straight to her site...I started to read and then I saw the word "brining', oh God I thought, I don't even know the meaning? I just thought it will involve somehow a few days of cooking, well it wasn't bad at all. I had so much fun getting the chicken ready, the ingredients were on handy in my pantry, nothing complicated, I just didn't use a lot of pepper. The fun part was leaving it in the refrigerator for some hours. Since I had to bake a lot of cakes on Friday night I couldn't use my oven to bake the chicken , so I give it to my husband and he took it to the restaurant where he works and they bake it for me, done!!! Saturday lunch was delicious and healthy. Both my daughter and me love it, it was so juicy and definitely 100 times better than the one I get at a grocery store. Here I am getting ready to attack this leg.
Just look how yummy the breast looks, I will have chicken this week for tacos, quesadilla and salad.

I quick salad I put together, greens,dry apricots, tomato,walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese and avocado. For dressing I only use salt and a little olive oil.

Somebody is hungry!!!

By the way, monkey had his own piece of chicken too. So ladies, check this recipe and eat a piece of heaven.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I just started decorating myself and also took classes from Cara. Your peonies are beautiful. Good luck!!

ButterYum said...

Oh yippie.... what a pleasant surprise! I'm so very glad you liked the chicken!!! Thanks for posting about it, and for putting up a link to my blog. Little one is adorable!!!

Take care,

Pink Little Cake said...

Thank you Butter Yum, I am having chicken today for dinner. Next I have to make your chicken broth.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Hi Kathia,

You eat something besides cake and cookies?? I am shocked! ;)

This is a cool post. I don't cook chicken very well so I almost always buy prepared chicken at the store.

Your daughter is such a cutie! I love that picture of her smiling.


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