Monday, June 29, 2009

Music and Theater Graduation Cake

Here is my latest baby. I can really say that I spend like 15 hours of work doing this cake,of course I am very slow. It was my first time using stars and wire on a cake and all the gumpaste took a lot of work and a lot of days to dry, specially since the weather here in NJ has been very rainy and humid. This cake was for a boy who just graduated from High School and he loves music and theater. He is actually going to college and get a major in theater. During the week I did all the gumpaste details, I also painted them to make them look nicer and shiny. When I get my pita chips out is when my brain is going to start working....and my stomach too and them my hips are getting ready to get a few more inches wide, God Lord help me!
This time I used plastic dowels instead of wooden ones, the top cake and the stage were going to be very heavy and I really wanted to be on the safe side.

When I attached the stage to the cake it look too plain, so I use a #2 tip and pipped some black royal icing around.

See, this is the back, it doesn't look good at all.

For the musical notes I actually printed them out on the computer using some clip art but they turn out to big for the cake, so I didn't have a choice and I had to do them againg and then I cut them. After I rolled the gumpaste and I let it dry just for a little bit, it just makes it easy to cut.

The film is made out gumpaste and the camara I made it using rice crispy treats, it was really easy. I could have made more details on the camara but I was really tired at that point to start cutting little pieces of gumpaste here and there.

I do not have a printer where I can use eatable sheets and eatable ink, so I did print this mini posters on regular paper and then attached them to a piece of gumpaste, in that way the paper wasn't going to touch the cake at all.

Isn't this cute??

Before I put the stars on the cake I cover the wire half way with white floral tape

And here it is the final product. I hope you like it and let me know what you think what I could do better the next time, I had no ideas for the stage.


Raychel said...

OMG i love it! And great tips : )

I never thought about putting floral tape on the wire. That's a BIG help from the stars sliding down the wire... THANKS!


Cakedreamer said...

As a theater girl I'm LOVING this cake! The only thing I would've loved to see is the drama masks standing up...toothpicks or wire there too? But no real criticisms as I think it's phenomenal!!!!!

ButterYum said...

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!! PS - you can use plastic straws instead of dowels. Bubble tea straws are particularly strong, but any standard drinking straw will work too (just be sure not to use the bendy part).

Jenniffer said...

You can tell the love you put in your cakes. Just the ribbon on the board is that extra little hug that loved cakes get! Fantastic! BTW if you haven't tried Boar's Head Brand Arostica Chicken, you should! It taste just like rotisserie chicken! Yum

Jamie said...

Extremely cool cake and perfect for Tyler!

Raychel said...


I charge $22.00. With a shirt is $40.00. Shipping is $4.80.

Raychel -

Indigo Wings said...

Hi Melis, Beautiful cake! You are more than welcome to play along on my blog--maybe you'll win. Your chances are good since I only have three other comments right now--so much for self promotion.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Kathia this cake is super cool! I love all the little theatre details and the stage!!

Someday I want you to make me a cake. I don't know how that would work, but those details can come later.


mariela said...

hola kathia porfin en su pagina

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