Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making a Dragonfly

While all of you are making the most beautiful Christmas cookies and yummy treats I am still stuck in the last cake orders of the year, this weekend I will finish the last orders and then I am off for a long break.
Last weekend I made a Baby Shower cake with a ladybug and dragonfly theme, and I thought the dragonflies would look really nice "flying" on top of the cake. And when I say flying... please don't think  some how I put  a motor under the cake the would spin around the dragonflies, my cake skills are not there yet. But I did use some wire, which I have seeing  in other cake designs requiring some type of "flying" look.


For the dragonflies I used a mix of fondant and gumpaste 50%-50%
  • I rolled the fondant thin and using a dragonfly cookie cutter I cut the shape of the dragonfly.
  • Using an exacto knife I removed the body and the head because I wanted  to do a more 3 D shape with the body.
  • To bring some texture to the wings I rolled a piece of white fondant and using a knife I cut a tear drop  shape, if you have a tear drop cutter feel free to use it, I just don't have it.

  • I cut a square piece of cardboard and parchment paper to lay the dragonfly on it and give the wings some movement.
  • Using a paintbrush  with a dab of water I attached the white mini wing details on top of the pink wings.


  •  For the dragonfly body, I just rolled a piece of fondant in a long sausage shape making sure I was forming a head and a little round belly (yes, dragonflies also have love handles)
  • I used a toothpick to make  indentations in the top of the body


  •  I attached the body to the wings with a dab of water and then I inserted an 18 gauge wire under the dragonfly body (ouch!)
  • At this point the dragonfly figure was very soft, so I set it aside to dry for one day on top of my kitchen cart


I always like to dust my sugar figures with pear dust, for this one I used a shimmering pink. Well I hope you find this tutorial useful to use in one of your future cakes.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend.


Sue said...

Very nice effect! I hope you enjoy your break! :)

Anonymous said...

This is one for the ideas book. Maybe some bumble bees for Monk's cake for his bday coming up! Nothing like bumble bees and monkeys on a cake!

Mari said...

They do look nice on top of the cake. I have tried butterflies, but dragonflies look nice too!

Just gave an idea for my daughter's bday.

Un saludo

silvanausa said...

very nice

ButterYum said...

Very cute... thank you for the excellent tutorial.


Karma said...

Qué bonito Kathia! muchas gracias por el tutorial!
Gracias por colaborar también con María.

cake said...

Great tutorial!....easy to follow instructions :)

Diane {Created by Diane} said...

So cute!

Kate said...

You deserve a break! What a busy year this has been for you. The dragon flies are adorable! I always appreciate your step by step photo tutorials! Have a great Christmas with your family Kathia!

SweetThingsTO said...

Oh how cute! Thanks for putting together the tutorial!

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Yayy a tutorial! Thanks :) The dragonfly is adorable, now I know how to make it too :)

Elizabeth said...

These are great! We are a dragonfly-loving family here so maybe I can make some of these soon!

Hecmi said...

So cute!!! Gracias, Great tutorial. Will be making one soon :D

Lyn de Jesus said...

Beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial. Can't wait to make these for my mom's cake.

haniza homemade said...

very nice

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