Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Decorating a simple cake

I am sure you have seen this cake design here before. This is a very popular cake that I make using the Minnie Mouse cake topper on top of the cake to complete the perfect Minnie Mouse party. For this particular cake, the mom wanted to use a paper Minnie Mouse cake topper with yellow details and she ordered the plain cake. I call it plain because to me is missing my sugar Minnie to complete the look. But you know how things are... and I just did what was requested just changing the colors of the roses from pink to yellow to match the topper.

This cake didn't take to long to decorate.
-I covered the first tier in pink fondant and I attached it to the board with a little royal icing
-The first tier needed some support and I used a straw to measure the size of the dowels that I was going to insert.
- I  normally use plastic dowels but it turns out that I didn't have any more so I used wood ones.


-I used  royal icing to "glue" and position the top tier on the base tier.


I don't even know how can I call the "pink top" that I used on the top of the cake, but here are the pictures for you to get an idea how I made it.

-Make the polka dots and attach them to the cake with a dab of water.
-Roll black fondant very thing and cover the board ( you can also cover the board first if you want)


I used one of my most precious tools to make the cake border, the multi pastry wheel cutter.I also attach it to the cake with a dab of water.

-Make the roses ( here is a video where you can see how easy to make they are)
-Add a few leaves
-Cut and position the Happy Birthday letters and you are done!


Sue said...

Thank you for the great tutorial, Kathia! Maybe I will be brave now and attempt fondant and your beautiful roses:)

Jenniffer said...

Very thorough and complete tutorial, Kathia!

Maranda said...

thanks for sharing!!!

Hannah said...

It is so darling. You call is simple, but it certainly doesn't look simple. I love it. You are so talented!

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Even without the Minnie its a very pretty cake.

ButterYum said...

Yep, I know what you mean about it being plain. It's still lovely though... and I like the pop of color from the yellow roses. I wish my girls were still young enough to make cute cakes like this for.

PS - I used to use dowels, but now I use straws as my internal support - even for a wedding cake.

Manni said...

Kathia, Thank you so much for this tutorial. I'm going to post this on my facebook. A friend has been asking about the top drip effect and your instructions are AMAZING :)
thanks buddy

kasthurirajam said...

i love it.nice

Kris Ngoei said...

So beautiful. I am so into this pink black and white combo. It is an intriguing design and very classic!

Andrea's Cake said...

Hi Kathia.I am from Tg Mures/Romania and i want to thank you for sharing us your beautiful artwork.Excuse my expression.I try to write correctly.

Red30 said...

I love this, simple yet very cute!! I have only done 1 tiered cake, I know it's a shame but I don't get orders for any, but I know I need to practice more so I will probably just do some so when I get an order for one I will have had practice!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your tutorial...and am curious, how you make your photos in a nice square collage. Looks perfectly organized!

Pink Little Cake said...

Kristi, I use Photobucket to make the collage. It is very easy and free.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Kathia, It didn't take you very long to do this? You work fast! I would have spent the entire day just to get what you did done! (Only you do it much much better.)


Shelley said...

Great Blog!
I am always excited when I find one I haven't seen before!
You do amazing clean work!
thanks for sharing your ideas!

Cakeaholic Obsession said...

Great post always wanted to know how you drap the fondant on the cake board like that. I have to get that pastry wheel i have been messing with the one from Wilton.

kim said...

I love your blog, been following for a while. Where do you get plastic dowels? Are they the same thickness and everything as wooden? They sound like a great option.

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Kathia. I'm a very visual person, so they help a LOT.

My Creative Way said...

Great tutorial :)

Bummy Desan said...

Thank you so much for your lovely tutorial. Please I have been searching for alphabet cutters exactly like this style for a while. Can you kindly tell me what is the name of these cutters you've used in writing the message. Thanks again Kathia.

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