Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bib and Onesie for Duck Theme Baby Shower Cake

Another post showing you more details of  the Duck theme Baby Shower Cake.
This onesie and bib can't be any easier to make.


Supplies needed to make the Onesie and Bib:

  • Small rolling pin
  • Fondant color of your choice
  • Water ( to attach to cake)
  • Royal icing ( for bib details)
  • Stitching tool ( if you do not have one you can use a tooth pick)
  • Onesie and Bib cookie cutter
  • Rubber or clear stamps ( make sure you have use them ONLY for cake decorating purposes)

The day you are decorating the cake...

Making the onesie

1-Roll out the fondant
2-Cut the onesie with the cookie cutter
3-Add onesie detail using the stitching tool
4-Add impression detail with the stamp
5-Attach to cake with a dab of water


To make the bib

1-Roll out the fondant
2-Cut the bib with the cookie cutter
3-Add impression detail with the stamp
4-Attach to cake with a dab of water
5-Add details with royal icing

There is so much more you can do to make the onesie and bib look even cuter, you can paint them, add luster dust in different colors, add more details with royal icing, that's up to your imagination!




ButterYum said...

Awww... sweet pea! Love the stamped accents you did on this cake. The stitching wheel is great too. So pretty!

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Another great tutorial and adorable designs. Love the white icing trim on the bib

Sue said...

Love the ease and the beautiful results, Kathia!

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