Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bat cupcake Toppers

Dress up your cupcakes with these easy fondant bat toppers that you can make with your kids.

Here is Cami working hard with fondant

 For the bat toppers you will need:

-Small rolling pin
-Black fondant,
-Small and big bat cookie cutters
-Black and red royal icing
-Small pieces of paper towel

Roll out the fondant and cut the bat shapes with the cookie cutters.

Put the bat's wings on top of the pieces of paper towel to give the wings some movement

Add details to the bats with the black icing, I just did whatever lines I felt like it. I also added some red icing by the "mouth"area to pretend it was blood. Let the bats dry for a few hours.

Get your cupcakes ready...

 Place the bats on top of  the cupcakes and your good to go!



Jenniffer said...

Cami is adorable and even more so with that cute little rolling pin!! And I seriously want to come over and play with with mini oven and tea set in the background! :)

The Vanilla Bean Baker said...

Love the toppers and seeing little Cami working hard like her Mommy. Bet she is getting so excited to meet the new baby.

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