Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at home

Merry Late Christmas!! sorry for the late wishes, as always I am running around like a chicken.
Our Christmas in pictures...

Big sister inside my baby's bassinet singing

it was cold around here...we tried to be warm all day long!

my little baby discovered her fingers and hands, she was quite amazed.

full of smiles

and then it was this....our traditional picture in red pijamas

and then this after photoshop on mommy's face ( can you imagine how the real face is?)

I hope you all had a wonderful family time with your love ones.


Wyny said...


Felices Fiestas!!!!!!


P.D: Que preciosas fotos!!!

IFeelCook said...

Qué fotos familiares más bonitas :) Espero que pasaras un feliz día de Navidad. Tu bebé está muy grande ya y a la mayor se la ve encantada con tantos regalitos :D

Oma Duck said...

What a nice family!! My name is Tina, I am italian but my uncle lives in N.J. Love your works, I just joined your blog! Ciaooooooooooo

SweetThingsTO said...

You look so wonderful with your beautiful girls! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas - you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Simply adorable!

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