Friday, March 23, 2012

Mr.Bunny,Carrots, Bunnies-Easter Cookies

Do you love making Easter Cookies as much as I do?

To make these Easter cookies you will need the following cutters from The Cookie Cutter Company:

You also will need the following supplies:

.Royal icing in white, yellow, pink, orange, green,purple and black (flood consistency and stiff for outlining and details)
.Ribbon color of your choice, I loved the pink!
.Tip #1 and 2
.Black edible writer
.Squeeze bottles, couplers and decorating bags

Bunny Cookies

For the white bunny,pipe two lines of stiff white icing for the ears with tip 2 and a big dot on the tail area for the tail .Add the nonpareils on tail and ears and let them set for a few minutes before dumping off the excess .

This is how the tail is going to look, adorable!

Use tip #1 to pipe the whiskers and eye. One dot of pink icing will be the nose

For the yellow bunny, I just pipe dots of pink icing for the tail and the ears, because pink makes everything pretty!


Pictorial for the Easter Egg...
Easter egg cookies are super easy to make, use your imagination and play around until you get a design that you like. There are so many designs you can make using lines, scallop shapes and dots.

Mr. Bunny's face can't get any easier.

While the icing is still wet, pipe two purple tear shapes on each ear area.  Drag a toothpick through the shapes to create a little bit of marbling effect. Let cookie dry over night before adding all the facial details

And we can't make bunny cookies without having carrots around.

I used tip #1 to make the leaves.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for The Cookie Cutter Company

Outline and flood the cookies and let them dry overnight.


Hil said...

So cute Kathia!!

LORENA said...

Complimenti, sono bellissimi!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is wonderful. The yellow bunny is my favourite. I love the shade of the yellow, so pretty.

the decorated cookie said...

Those sideview bunnies with the sprinkles are my new best friends, I think. I love them ever so much.

paddle attachment said...

Cute set! I especially love the pink inner ears and the bunny bites!

Hannah said...

These are so incredibly cute!!! I love them. You are so talented. Your blog!! I love the new design. It's clean and perfect.

Mini Baker said...

so cute!! you are so talented!! i esp. love the bunnies!

Unknown said...

these are so whimsy and STUNNING!! I wish I could enjoy one with you.

Sue said...

ALL of your cookies are GORGEOUS, but the top bunny is my favorite!
I have some chocolae bunny cookies with ribbons around their necks, but I haven't posted them yet.

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